I can't get autoclick macro work and the pain is starting

Has anyone managed to get a macro for autoclick for attack working? I can’t get Razer Synapse’s Turbo Click to work.

Vermintide 1 gave me RSI (thank you Fatshark) and I haven’t dealt with it since thanks to macros but just this first day of Darktide and I was in the middle of a fight and suddenly and my index finger started failing and then came the tingling in the fingers, the pain going up the arm.

Why have fatshark done this? Vermintide had me wake up in the night with searing pain going up my arm.
Why is there not an auto-attack option?
Why can’t I bind heavy attack?

get autohotkey
use this script
SHIFT+left click starts the spam.
Holding right click stops the spam.
Hope this helps, as I also suffer from severe RSI.



Click, Down
sleep 125
Click, Up
sleep 125
keywait, RButton, D T0.01 ;Exit out of loop
if errorlevel = 0