Ranger Veteran Ultimate in

I highly recommend you change RV’s ultimate back to have guaranteed crits. It was definitely not overpowered and made him a viable boss challenging (not murdering) class. Now he is going to struggle again like he did before.

I understand why you decided to nerf Kruber, but please revert the change on the ranger.


It was slightly overpowered in my opinion, but not for damage reasons. I just typed up a longer answer in another topic: http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/ranger-veteran-ultimate-feedback/23371/25?u=yzneftamz

TL; DR: While it gave him some more power, especially against single-target, he’s still good enough against them, and it trivialized some of his build options.

Of course he’s much weaker now, especially at dealing with bosses and CWs, although if you played with shotgun, you’re not gonna notice much change, cause it was useless against those anyways.

But what’s more important, it’s boring again. One of those classes, that basically have no active. You just run around and shoot/hit stuff, like it’s VT1. Not fun.


Just like Vermintide 2 lol

Yep, that’s pretty much the direction every patch takes when it comes to balance. Make the End Times boring again!

After playing before and after the update on Bardin’s auto-crit ultimate, I can confirm it was pretty overpowered all things considered.

A suggestion that was brought up by several other players to counter his lackluster status compared to Slayer and Ironbreaker was adding a crit-chance value of around 10-20% whilst Disengage was active, either as a talent or as part of the ultimate’s default ability.

It was strong, but in no way overpowered. Finally the ranger veteran was a real viable class on legend. The guaranteed crits together with scrounger made it so you had unlimited ammo. (Just like BH or waystalker, and this seems to be ok?). With that unlimited ammo you could pick the talent for bomb drops on specials. That also made the ranger veteran a usefull career for the whole team. By reverting the changes in the ranger veteran is, as NikKotovski already said, boring again. I will probably go back to IB, which is a shame because I was really enjoying the ranger vet. But without any type of damage increase while in disengage, it’s just not worth it.

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