Ranger Veteran - Last Resort Glitch ( !constant +25% Power increase!

Issue Summary:
(Vermintide 2 Patch

Bardin - Ranger Veteran is capable of benefitting from his Talent “Last Resort” (+25% Power increase) which should only be activ once he is out of ammunition, yet he can regain and maintain ammunition constantly, without deactivating “Last Resort”.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get a Grudge Raker (Shotgun) with the Trait “Scrounger”.
  2. Join a multiplayer session (this glitch doesn’t work if you are the host).
  3. Empty your ammunition, which activates “Last Resort” (as it should).
  4. Use the melee attack of the Grudge Raker (Right mouse button) to hit enemies until the weapon attack crits, giving you ammunition via “Scrounger” (as it should).

Now “Last Resort” will still be active (as it shouldn’t). You can test the damage increase form “Last Resort” on the Dummies in the Keep.
It works with your shotgun too and you can pickup any ammunition you can find, it wont reset “Last Resort”.
It only resets, if you go empty again and dont regain ammo via “Scrounger”.

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

A simple, non-critical bodyshot from the Grudge Raker on the testing dummy (without the glitch):

The same hit (with the glitch) :

(you can see “Last Resort” beeing active on the left, while i still have ammo).


I swear they’ve fixed this bug like twice now. Somehow it keeps getting back in the game. To be honest, if you really go through the trouble of activating this bug, who cares, good on you. I wouldn’t say it’s even OP, considering Zealot can sit at 30% damage all the time. Even with the extra power increase, it’s not like the bomb shitter dwarf suddenly becomes a top dps lol.


In my opinion the Ranger Veteran is very strong, even without this glitch.
The +25% Power increase helps reaching Breakpoints.
It’s my main char and i got very good with him but i want to do it legal. ^^

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