Last resort buff/change suggestions

I think Ranger Veteran is one of best classes in terms of fun talent choises but I never feel the need to use Last resort. here is some suggestions.

  1. On empty ammo 25% power and/or extra stamina, attack speed, dodge
  2. On empty ammo: 25% power and/or extra stamina, attack speed, dodge 15-30 seconds.
  3. last resort triggers on 5% ammo left.

Thoughts? Is last resort good/bad ? what could change?

Last Resort has always been a meme but at least throwing axes have given the talent a weapon that can make good use out of it. Unfortunately throwing axes themselves are a bit of a meme so…

As long as the current trigger condition remains, it will never see use on any weapon other than throwing axes. Here’s an alternative possibility that somewhat retains the core idea. Have the trigger instead be an empty mag, then it’d be usable with any of his weapons, and you’d have an interesting dynamic where you’d have to weigh up when it’s better to have your weapon loaded and ready to go, and when you want to leave your weapon unloaded to get extra oomph in melee.

2 problems I see with that idea though. Firstly 25% power might be a bit much for that trigger condition, since getting a reload off in a pinch when you need to with RV isn’t too difficult.

Secondly the talent currently affects the last bullet fired, and if that interaction persisted with the new magazine based trigger it would be way too good with handgun and crossbow especially; however removing that interaction would ironically make the skill much worse with throwing axes, which would be pretty sad.

Anyway that’s my 2 cents, might honestly be better to replace the talent with something else entirely. The work required to make it decent without changing the idea too much may well not be worth it.


Man I remember the good times during the most recent BBB when ales gave movement speed. Went 113111 with the greataxe and throwing axes and was too fast to hit.

Right now, I feel like RV has a couple relic talents in Foe-Feller and No Dawdling. It’d be nice to see them get replaced or changed but I kinda doubt it’ll ever happen.

My favored suggestion has always been to make it a trait for all non-overcharge ranged weapons with the minor tweak of heavily limiting the amount of ammo available instead of only procing when out of ammo.

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That would be a pretty neat trait.

Steel Crescendo would work pretty well with Throwing Axes, pretty meh for other weapons.
Unless RV gains more control of his caches and can confidently dip in and out of ammunition.

I think the talent needs to be replaced with a better fitting one for RV, because I feel like there’s no reason to run Last Resort on RV when we have Slayer.

It really needs a different trigger. The current approach is simply way too all or nothing approach. Even with the ranger vets ammo generation its still extremely hard to setup the power spike without using throwing axes as a weapon and generally goes against the careers playstyle.
As @alsozara suggested, tying the talent to be magazine based instead is probably the simplest way to make the talent more useful.

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