Last resort on RV still active after gaining ammo in Beta

Issue Summary:
The talent Last Resort still gives power even if you manage to fill up your ammo through different means than ammo pouches. With the grudgeraker you can bash to get ammo back meaning that you can shoot with 25% extra power as well removing the downside with the talent. However, as soon as you pick up an ammo pouch you loose the power buff as intended.

Steps to Reproduce:
It works both in the keep and during missions.

  1. Equip grudgeraker
  2. Empty ammo to get the powerbuff from Last Resort
  3. Use alt. fire bash with scrounger to get ammo back

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
Sadly I don’t have logs or pictures at the moment but the bug is constant and should be easy and fast to reproduce

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