Change the "while out of ammunition" talents

Why would I ever use a talent that only gives me any benefit when I reach a state I obviously want to avoid, being out of ammo on a range focused career, with plenty means to keep ammo topped off (bardin ranger and victor BH).
And purposefully wasting all ammo and refusing to pick up more just to get the power is just gimping yourself.

Make it give a power increase after not having fired (or selected) your ranged weapon for a while, 30-60 seconds or so.

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Personally i like the one on the BH and wouldn’t want to see it go. though im not sure it actually works in game , it does in keep , but in game the icon is missing not sure if the buff is also.

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Well I found it good at boss fights. You shoot all your grudgeraker, and then UNLEASHES POWER OF “WTF WHERE IS MY AMMO” on boss.
But this talent is obviously controversial.

Because you become a slayer w/o slayer buffs and durability.
No dual axes either.

Im curious, explain how you would want to be out of ammo on the one career that can generate infinite ammo and has guaranteed crits on shots.

dont get me wrong i like the falchion volley build just fine i just like to try out stuff see what can work.

its not so much wanting to be out of ammo its more about the freedom to go ham and not be worried about running out of ammo .
necessary means is a 25% damage boost now (if it works) you take the 2 health on crit instead of prize bounty. and whatever you want in last 2 talents (health on kill and encore for me)
using the rapier your light attacks do over 1k on head shots, the off hand pistol uses blessed shots to deliver head shots over 5k which generates health from 2 sources and can be weaved in between each melee kill which as you charged attack on its shortest stab is doing over 2.3k is pretty much after every attack.
you can still tag gutter runners/ leeches to break their holds. with encore , 10% CD reduction and a high finesse melee weapon you can get the ult up every 40 seconds or so so its not like you have no ranged capacity.
And thats your fall back for when you run out of ammo so really who cares if you do!
so i run with a brace of pistols and just go ham

not saying its the best but it works well enough and its fun