Ranger Veteran Disengage/Problems

Ranger Veteran’s career skill, Disengage is misleading.

Dropping all aggro and concealing him is a good thing for him, not for the team.
Enemies will put pressure on the remaining players, ignoring RV and obscuring the teams vision.
It doesn’t benefit the team, instead it’s a liability.
He also gets ranged power boost/AP during Disengage but there is no incentive to use ranged when you still consume ammo and can safely hack away with melee instead.

“Safely” is actually an overstatement, a team mate could get close and unintentionally get you hit despite being in stealth.

Ranger Veteran has team orientated/supportive passives but a career skill more suited for solo play, with underwhelming ranged and melee capabilities, alongside mediocre if not bad/useless level 10 talents.


It also staggers everything near him. If your teammates get hit before they realize bardin’s aggro has dropped, their reaction time isn’t suited for near anything in life, seriously. The smoke cloud is so close to the ground that it really doesn’t obscure your vision, and if bardin is hacking away at enemies, he is benefiting the team.


Agree some times you hear a gunner or a packmaster stormer etc coming its nice that RV can sneak away and kill it

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I almost always use the ult specifically for crowd control, as you can safely smash hordes with a CC weapon on top of the stun it starts with. I more or less main RV so over the months I’ve found a number of ways to use the ult in a relatively satisfying way. If you’re running grudge then you can also use the duration of the ult to kill up to 4 CW’s.

I’ll concede, though, that it’s a poorly thought out poop bomb of an ult and I wouldn’t mind seeing it changed. I don’t love it, but I do think it has some uses. Starting from scratch would be welcome.

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I also agree, it can be useful to stagger, give some room and take out an important enemy.
Yes, he is benefiting the team by hacking away at enemies but they leak past him and can in turn lead to a team-mate getting hit. If RV wasn’t in stealth he can still hack away and benefit the team but enemies will aggro to him, far less leaking past him to the team.

I don’t play with many RV players, I am usually playing him or Salty, these are just things people have said.
And a broad statement is his career skill can turn into a disadvantage in some scenarios.

Aside from his career skill, they’ve said he just feels underwhelming, a lacklustre melee/range career with some supportive passives. He is used heavily for Twitch 30/30 but mainly with Master Brewer and a Shade, nicknamed a “Potion bot”.

His level 10 talents are also lacklustre, the main culprit is “Last Resort: Bardin gains a 25% power increase when out of ammunition.”
Running out of ammo is the last thing we want to do and it’s rare to run out unless very trigger happy.
Head-shot damage, power increase with nearby enemies, ammo on head-shot, reload speed, anything would be better, sacrificing his ranged weapon to gain power contradicts the few ranged buffs he has.

It’s a team orientated game, balancing isn’t as huge as a PvP game but nobody wants a must pick character. But RV is one of those characters that isn’t bad or great, he quickly loses his enjoyment and spark of a supportive ranged character into a mediocre, underwhelming hybrid.
So while I play him and enjoy him most of the time, he is becoming less fun, I criticise him a lot and so do others.

I do have a few suggestions for his ultimate:

Strength or speed increase to team-mates in the smoke radius,

Heal aura to team-mates in the smoke radius,

A damage over time effect to any enemy in the smoke radius,

Level 25 talent that also conceals team-mates (If every play was concealed, enemies wouldn’t aggro, this would be best paired with the talent to move outside the smoke concealed)

Replace the smoke with a blinding effect to enemies, setting them back to a passive state again, benefiting the whole team as well as working nicely for Bardin to take out his ranged and shoot unsuspecting enemies (Easier to get head-shots and conserve ammo during this period of passive enemies)

After reading a little of the dwarf ranger wiki, it says they often carried throwing axes, replacing the smoke with a throwing axe ultimate wouldn’t be far fetched.

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This would be freaking sweet!

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I think it’s fine. Handmaiden ult can dump aggro, same with shade and huntsman stealth. Whether or not this hurts the team depends entirely on how you use it.

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It does depend on how it’s used for sure.
Keep in mind, Handmaidens stealth is 3 seconds.
Shades/Huntsman’s stealth are longer but break soon as they attack.
Meanwhile, Ranger Veteran’s is 10 seconds and doesn’t break when attacking.
The nice thing about it, it staggers.
I did see a shade ult almost costing the game recently. 2 players left, they dropped, shade went stealth, bounty hunter got stun locked and waterfalled by an entire horde + elites.
While this is a thread about Ranger Veteran, I am happy he staggers at least, plenty of times a shade has dumped all aggro on the remaining player unexpectedly.

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your teammates shouldn’t expect RV to hold off a horde from one direction (like IB i.e.) while stealthed and 1 person should be there with him. Is there any other ult that deletes all horde from 1 direction for 10 seconds? Don’t expect RV to, but other than that, it is kinda lackluster. I think blinding enemies behind the smoke so they stay passive would be the best change. If someone went in line of sight of the enemies, they’d aggro again

True, but the amount of time they drop aggro for is also something to consider.

You can always leave the smoke cloud to appear again if you need too.

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