Bardin Ranger Ult - Long Delay and Vulnerability, Respective to other classes

Bardin’s Ranger Ult is a vanish utility, presumably intended to avoid damage when overwhelmed. Yet, FS has coded in a long, .5 second animation to accompany it, of which the best part is that you have to lower your guard.

What is the purpose of a vanish ult for “Oh Shoot” moments, if you don’t dare use it?

Compare to Kruber’s stealth, or Shade’s stealth… (or Ironbreaker, which is an instant knockback, invuln, taunt… Berserker, which has instant leap and knockback (in and out of combat)), and the same for virtually all other professions. (Even pyromancer, which does code in a vulnerability animation, is still instacast.)

Just seems odd, as Ranger is a pure support char and not that attractive unless playing as part of a 4-man dedicated team, already.


I dunno…I have been hit with Pyro when using active in “oh crap” moments.
Shade and Hunts active has their fair share of issues to, thats for darn sure.

The animation is too long but the worst part is that it’s interruptible. He’s throwing a smoke bomb… Why would he stop doing that because he got hit?


But on the bright sight Bardin staggers everyone around him, so his invisibility ACTUALLY WORKS. I think it balances it out

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The stagger is nice, but it is kinda counter-intuitive to sell it as an escape ability and then cripple it like that.

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Who’s selling it as an escape ability though?

Idk, I see no reason why this should be an instant no brain escape tool. I even kinda like that it takes time and thus takes some skill to use. But what I like even more - is the immersion brought by the animation. Other actives have much faster animations and thus the feeling of impact they deliver is much lower, at least for me.

What I do not like though - is interruption, at least when the bomb is already lit. But that’s not something special to RV ult. It’s a feature of all actives in the game and should be addressed for all the characters simultaneously.


I’m fine with a delay but the current delay is a lil much. I believe it’s currently the slowest deploying ult. He has no sense of urgency with it whatsoever.

I don’t think that’s right about all other ults being interruptible. E.g. Ws/Pyro/bh I’m pretty sure you just drop your guard but the ult fires off regardless of hits.

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I also think you should at least be able to block while doing it.


Too casual imo

What does that even mean? :smiley:

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Be mindful of the fact that it knocks enemies back, grants invisibility and can stagger disablers off of allies.

The ranged is sufficient enough that I’ve seen some RV’s save people from assassins/hookrats they couldn’t reach due to hordes and so.

It means that blocking would allow players to just casually use active any time they get into any trouble.

Cooldown is too long for that I guess. My impression is that his active is a bit underwhelming, anyway, so anything that gives it a bit more is fine by me.

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