Ranger Vet Bardin needs work

I think there is a misconception that RV is a bad ranged career.
All of his ranged weapons are excellent with the exception of Throwing Axe, so long as he has ammunition sustain he can perform well as a ranged career.
Not to mention other bonuses to boot like stealth, free bomb dupes and party wide healing.

The only point I see in an RV rework is to:

  • Differentiate the play-styles of RV/Engineer
  • Bring RV closer to dwarf ranger lore
  • Fix the scaling issues
    His ammunition sustain can go from practically non existent to “I have more than I know what to do with” based on difficulty and other factors, his ammunition sustain only just becomes reasonable in Cataclysm. I’ve seen 20 minute Legend games with only 20 - 30 specials.

Engineer is pretty mediocre in higher difficulties to be honest. RV’s ammo regen and ultimate is far more useful than the crank gun.
RV is a far better addition to any team than the Engineer.
Especially with the new pistol and his ammo sustain his elite clear in cata is insane. If anything he shouldn’t be able to use the new pistol because it makes him too strong.
I hope more people will start to realize this once the rose tinted goggles of new career wear off.

I think most of us already realize this, even so RV and Engineer both fulfill similar roles, just done ever so slightly differently. My take on the whole RV/Engineer situation is how can they be differentiated to feel unique and balanced so one does not overshadow the other.

In preparation for the next BBB mostly.

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Quite the contrary i think.
Anyway, my post was a reply to op, who said rv needs a rework. This isn’t true. If anything engineer needs work. Also i disagree that they both fulfill similar roles. RV has better utility than Engi, who only has multiple bombs and his ranged buff passive.

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Ranger Veteran simply offers more, but at the end of the day they both fulfill the same anti horde or anti special role whether that be doomranger vs drakegun/crank gun or Handgun/Crossbow RV vs Handgun/Gromril Plated Shot Engineer.

They are both ranged careers, currently RV overshadows Engineer.

I think you’re right the Engineer may need work, though he is in a good place now.
Though I also think RV needs some work too, he should have a talent tree that beings him closer to Dwarf Ranger lore. He shouldn’t be just another range career who is mostly popular because of his ammo sustain passive, he should be distinctly known as the “Dwarf Ranger Career.”
Right now his career isn’t faithful to the lore, I know some people don’t care about that, but I’m someone who does.

That aside, people have pointed out area’s where he could be improved, have talents that make him better in both melee and range for starters, such talents would make him more versatile, to give him THP on kill so he isn’t limited to weapons with high cleave or stagger and to make hardy heart a passive. etc


Would be nice to see some talent, that could reload his range weapon, while his melee weapon is active. For killing enemy or something like this.

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