Randomize grimoire/tome placement?

hide em, like easter eggs xD


Honestly I think this would be pretty awesome. Maybe also bump their loot bonus values by 2x or 3x as much. That way they’re hard AF to find, but worth it!

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I agree with this simply because once you know the locations, which most of us do and if not there are plenty of guides, it’s not even a task to gather them.

So having us explore the levels up and down would be a much neater feature.
That, or give the option to just have them all at the beginning so we can decide right then and there how we want the run to go. :laughing:

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Wait… what… why…
If they add 10 tome locations you end up running between these 10.
If they add a completely randomizing location you will have to look behind each tree, stone, wall… you will have to walk ALL paths without knowing when you missed one. To me it sounds like a terrible idea for a linear game like vermintide, perhaps more as a funmode / mod.

Awesome idea! I mean what could possibly go wrong if there’s a map with 4 Grim Spots and 6 Tome spots (or even more) of which the added new ones are all roughly like the Jump N Run Grim on Empire in Flames or the Cliff Grim on Festering Ground…

And especially in case of the later, you’d waste time (AND HEALTH) to check if the Grim is even there…

no thank you… NO

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Add a fun exploration element and make it less linear. Unless you like linearity… Like final fantasy 13’s 20 hour tutorial…

then no mans sky should be for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Randomize tomes, but leaves grims where they are. Mayeb shift the tome layout a bit so its 1 for each 3rd of the lvl so you know by plot point or dropdown if you missed one. Would add some random to the game, while keeping the items that make the match harder in the same spot so people can choose to grab them or not

fun fun fun… 've seen a Lets Play of Left 4 Deads quite open fan made Silent Hill campaign… wasn’t thatmuch fun for the Players… and they had to explore the maps of the campaign.

Exploration can be nice, but too much and it doesn’t really fit with this genre imho

This needs to be done. Waiting 10 minutes for some idiot to make a jump when I don’t want the damn thing in the first place is just annoying.

It would help if everyone else could force a grim to be ‘dropped’ as well.

Instead you might be waiting 10 minutes for some idiot to make a jump ON MULTIPLE parts of the map, depending on if you can highlight the grim at this position or not.

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Well, this is another issue. Having to do stunts for grims is annoying. At first they were well hidden for it, but now that everyone knows the locations it is just a chore.

Whats the rush? Gotta get your loot-fix and don’t want to wait?