Scriptures - Too Hard to Locate?

Having played VT 1 and 2 I feel like they’re a lot harder to find this time along. One thing that I think would fix it is if they emitted a slightly golden / white aura like grimoires just to help spot them a little bit easier.

Gone through too many missions missing one grimoire after looking around quite a bit. I think it’d help especially as maps seem to have multiple random locations unlike VT1/2 which had fixed locations for the most part.


I may be in the minority and I have no clue how to implement this feature given Darktide’s one inventory slot mechanics, but I really wish scriptures and grimoires were a static location in every mission and guarenteed to spawn in 5 set locations.

Having access to books every mission and just requiring the knowledge as to their whereabouts was always rewarding and they make the game fun but do add to the difficulty.

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I get where you are coming from. I like the randomization to make it a little more rewarding.

Just from personal experience they probably have about 3-4 different locations for each tome on the map that it randomizes and picks when the map is generated and players are getting into it. Not too hard to do. The glow just would be to save me the agony of having to memorize all those locations lol and I think a bit friendlier.

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Scriptures make a distinct sound when you are nearby. If you are not fighting anything and you have time to sweep the area and listen, you will find it.

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Really? Damn I can’t believe I never noticed that after 100 missions. Can you describe it for me?

Something like a raspy voice between humming and hissing, constantly. But its only in close range and increases with proximity. Next time you find one, listen to it. It will be much easier to distinguish later.

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