Add some sort of adio or visual cue to Scriptures

Unlike Vermintide 2 where you learned the static locations of tomes and grimoires, Darktide places them randomly in spots around the map. That being the case it’s now much easier to miss scrips and grims.

Grimoires at least glow (though I think they could do with some daemonic whispering) but scriptures are easy to miss because they have no audio/visual cues. As such I have suggestions:

  • Make the little bar on the left side of the cover glow a brighter blue.
  • Make the Rosette on the center of the cover glow a brighter red.
  • Have the book read little hymns or quotes that might be found inside its pages. (My favorite one.)

Once you pick them up they of course stop emitting light/sound unless you take them back out.

Scriptures are just too easy to miss as they are, plus I’ll throw out that if they were to read us little hymns or quotes then we could finally have Ogryn Storytime. =)

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There is an audio queue… its a hissing sound.


Truly? I’ve never noticed it. If that is the case it might need to be a bit more distinctive, though I still like the idea of the vox-reader.

Once you know it, you know it. Next time you find one listen and you will definitely notice it. Its how i find them now.

It already exists, but is WAY too quiet compared to other game sounds in my opinion. I can’t even hear them properly over my fan, unless I crank my game volume high enough that I have trouble hearing my discord buddies.
(I’m a person that doesn’t like having volumes very high.)

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I’ve paid closer attention and there is indeed an audio cue, but I do agree with you that it is far too quiet and easily drowned out. I still like the vox reader idea.

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