Makes Scriptures More Obvious (SFX, Visibility, VA)

It’s sort of crazy to me how often players very literally walk over or next to scriptures without ever knowing they’re there. If they don’t hear it, they especially don’t see it; and spam-pinging them to pick up the scripture doesn’t always work with players who are in a trance and only want to hold W to the end of the mission.

I attribute this mainly to the fact that scriptures emit a sound similar to a hissing gas pipe leak. Even for myself, I’ve often mistaken ambient SFX for the scripture sound, which makes me feel like it’s such a poor fit for something considerably fundamental for mankind.

They should at least emit a faint glow or create a particle effect that catches the eye for players who are at least making an attempt to skim the area for books. Grimoires create an obnoxiously bright green light, so I think it’s only a little fair.

I was thinking the scriptures should create a sound like a hymn or maybe even throat singing blended into a dull tone. If we wanted to get a lot more fantastic with the idea, maybe we could hear the echoes of priests that once preached the scriptures contained within.

Another more improbable idea I had was that player characters could hit a certain trigger range for scriptures or grimoires and comment on hearing or ‘feeling’ them when nearby. The problem with this is that it could get overridden with other dialogue, but it’s a fun thought.