Extra random oblectives in maps

After playing the missions for a while over and over and over I thought maybe it would be cool if half way through you get an optional mission for example, stop a chaos summoning, rescue a person getting attacked by them bloody raki, carry a skaven or chaos artifact (as you would a barrel) to the end of level obviously these would reward you in the same way a loot die or playing a quick game would


Already you have something like that in game - tomes and grimoires

I wouldn’t mind seeing random events in maps. Would spice things up a bit.


I actually would appreciate if the tomes and grimoires would change location.
BUT there should be clues that you can follow to find them. Yes, much like the current grim locations what the clue indicators are must be remembered. (but we have 5 books/map so some could always be the same on every map)
I was thinking about things like: (All of these don’t start at the beginning of the map but can be spotted along the way)

  • One unlucky Citizen hauled off somewhere. A trail of dragged feet and blood leads to his corpse where you find a book. The trail might be interrupted every now and then.
    As this would be quite intensive to make there won’t be many possibilities where he’s dragged, maybe 3?

  • Grimoires could play a creepy noise calling, insulting or annoying you (or any other sound FS likes), as you pass a crossing. The sound isn’t very loud but uses surround to point you to the correct path. It isn’t played aloud as soon as the first player reaches a crossing that would trigger. I imagine it playing in the mind of every character separately ensuring that you will hear it. Also grims could have constant background noise so locating them after the final clue doesn’t take 5 mins.
    I imagine that one very random and hidden everywhere.

  • Follow the rat symbols maybe?

I also like your small event idea as there are usually lots of places that are quite a bit off the main track that can be used for them. I would appreciate if you would get a grim from them on certain maps.


In that case, the clues really should be something really blatant, and start on the main path. At that point though, they run the danger of starting to be too easy (although it could be said that so are the current, static locations). Otherwise, it would just lead to people either ignoring the clues and sniffing every possible corner anyway, or sniffing all corners for the clues, wasting time and kind of defeating the purpose of the system. I’d also say that would be too much work to design and implement, as the possible locations (and probably the clues) would still have to be hand-crafted on each level.

Looking for stuff is one of the fun things to do, though, at least for a while, and I would like to see the books moved around occasionally. While random locations would be a time-waster, adjusting the location with, say, every or every other content update could help bring interest in the old maps again by causing us to search around for a while.

As for other possible random events in maps… Yeah, why not. They wouldn’t really be the method I’d choose to refresh the experience, but they could work. Of course, there should be incentive to accomplish them, but it shouldn’t be too big so we wouldn’t be “forced” to do them. I guess one or two Loot Dice could well be enough incentive. There is a precarious balance with that kind of events’ difficulty, though, as they need to add some challenge too so that they’re not free stuff, but they shouldn’t automatically endanger the whole run. That could need some limiter to the regular stuff, like Bosses now have (although not as significant, I think).

In fact, I think that the extra happenings in maps could be a good fit for in-game events, not really as a permanent thing. They would bring in a bit more active participation compared to just looking for bonfires once or simply playing extra quickplays.


Yes exactly that’s my thinking as well. I don’t really intent to make them really hard to get. It should be possible to reliably complete full book runs.
Just a bit more interactive and interesting.
This is sill a combat game and being distracted will make it hard enough.

Played with that idea for some time but I guess many people would be annoyed especially if they are only playing occasionally and just watch/read the ever increasing and confusing pile of location guides.
So I’ve got inspired a little by the rune puzzles. Also they don’t have to introduce the random clue paths all at once they could add one with every update.

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True but it lacks a little bit of variation

I would say an “optional” objective where you would go to a door for example everyone votes to open it, random event begins Complete ten random objectives get a commendation

Altough you are right it affecting runs especially on the higher difficulty tiers, but I think a group vote to start may be a way around it whilst offering rewards for taking that risk that could result in death I.E xp,loot die, maybe potions health and ammo etc

Even different difficulty tiers the easiest ones offering just basic items to use during the game,
A second one offering items/Xp, then around third higher one with a chance of a loot die

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