Random friendly fire

Was running some weaves earlier with friends and randoms, and in over half of them (about 20 weaves ran) I was getting friendly fire hit markers, and someone random in the group was taking damage from me every 5 seconds or so. This was happening in difficulties that do not even have friendly fire, and would persist throughout the entire run and could actually down/kill the affected player.
Was playing Waystalker, using dual daggers and hagbane. No idea what seemed to be triggering it, the friendly fire also seemed like it was hagbane dot ticking.

Do you remember in which type of weave this happened?

If you’re not correct in your assumptions, we did have that issue with IB taunt (?) causing ff at 2.0 release. I do not remember details.

It was clear to see on both my end and my friends end that it was basically a dot ticking there HP down every 5 seconds or so.

Just quick play Veteran weaves, was happening in all types of them.

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