Random Crash, no crash report option

I have no idea why it crashed. I was hosting, so that’s also annoying for the people I was playing with. :frowning:

Crash dump :
crash_dump-2020-12-12-22.30.47-b98a28d2-9b95-4dc7-9be8-66f280aed67e.dmp (534.6 KB)

Console logs are 4.5GB… Mod Framework should fix this, I’ve set the options to “no logging”…

Are you using UI Tweaks? As has been reported, VMF console logging does not stop UI Tweaks from spamming your log files.

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Yes, but in the meantime UI Tweaks does work so I keep it.
I clear out my logs folder every once in a while and that is a trade-off I’m willing to make to keep the mod up.

Hi @Saryk,

A new patch has gone live today addressing a number of crashes. Let us know if you encounter this crash again after the patch.


A crash patch lol

I’ve been crashing all night tonight. I’m not getting any GUIDs or crash logs either. I made a post about all the things that happened at the time of the crash but Idk if that is what caused the crash.
Crash crash crash

Checked Window error logs as well, nothing.

There’s a workaround described here which will stop the game from generating gigabytes of log files even with UI Tweaks:


This is useful since the writing of gigabytes of data to the log files can cause the game to stutter.

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At best this is more tedious than just deleting the file… but I do agree it could help if experiencing stutter.

It’s more to prevent hammering your drive with constant writing

Just deleting the file will not prevent the game from writing to your drive. Continuously writing gigabytes of data while the game is running could cause your drive to wear out earlier than it should, aside from the performance issues. Also, it’s just a few clicks to get the program to do its thing. Tedious is not a word I’d use to describe the process.

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