A crash and a question

The game crashed as I closed it.
When you crash in Vermintide 2 a pop-up shows up and says that the crash has been reported to the devolopers, does it actually do that? And if so, what does it send? An entire log? A crash dump?

console-2021-11-24-23.13.12-492f7261-ae4a-495c-97f7-e73afbd1a691.zip (589.5 KB)
crash_dump-2021-11-24-23.13.12-492f7261-ae4a-495c-97f7-e73afbd1a691.dmp (603.1 KB)

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Thank you! So, it uploads the console log, crash dump, gamelauncher.log and vermintide2_launcher.log. They’re uploaded to our internal crash database (not our project management database), and it does work 99% of the time. It’s still useful to be sent crash reports here though, as it means Lev and I can bring attention to them quicker, and manually raise them to the project management database.

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Great to know then, I was curious for a while so I had to ask

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