Ranald Simulator (standalone)


you know the feeling of completing a full book run in a legend quickplay, but Ranald is on the toilet, and you only get a generals chest? Well… thats just how he is. And we still love him, don’t we?

Here is a way to include even more Ranald into your game!

I present: The Ranald Simulator

With the Ranald Simulator, you can do random choices of character, weapons and your build, just like Ranald! Expect a whole new legend quickplay experience, where you don’t know the map you get, don’t know your team mates, and now don’t even know stuff about your own build and weapons, because Ranald gave you the most meme build imaginable (or more precise: you gave it yourself, pretending to be like Ranald… and this is almost heresy, I might add)!

Okay, enough praise to Ranald for now. Here is what it does: It’s a standalone Java programm which looks like this:

So basically you chose your pool of characters on the right, and click the Ranald button to generate a random weapon set and a random talent distribution on the right. That’s it :slight_smile: You still have to apply Ranalds choice by hand in the game.

I use it know i all my streams and it’s really fun (i have made it so that the right side of the window is permanently visible in the stream, and the whole window only when i chose a new character).


  • Ok apparently 8 MB is too big to upload it here, so i have to use an external website
  • Uploaded on mediafire: RanaldSim_04
  • If you happen to have a better way of storaging stuff like this, feel free to upload it somewhere else

Additional Notes:

  • You need Java to run the RanaldSim.jar file (usually you already have it installed)
  • I build it as standalone programm, because i have no idea how to mod. It works though…
  • I will add new characters when they become available
  • Feel free to extract the jar file and take a look at the source code and upload a better version
  • Please post more suggestions and ideas in the comments. Already having thoughts about integrating random map selection, since quickplays are unavailable for twitch mode… Also, because this is written in Java, stuff like a twitch bot integration should also be possible, who knows
  • Ranald remembers your last roll on each character and tries to give you something different from your last roll

Talent Restictions

  • Ranger Veteran - Firing Fury: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is not throwing axe
  • Iron Breaker - Rising Pressure: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is either drake gun or drake fire pistols
  • Slayer - A Thousand Cuts: Only allowed, if both weapons are single handed weapons
  • Slayer - Skull-Splitter: Only allowed, if both weapons are double handed weapons
  • Engineer - Armor Piercing Slugs: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is neither drake gun, nor drake fire gun, nor trollhammer
  • Waystalker - Serrated Shots: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is neither hagbane shortbow, nor moonfire bow
  • Waystalker - Ricochet: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is not javelin
  • Handmaiden - Quiver of Plenty: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is not moonfire bow
  • Shade - Exploit Weakness: Only allowed, if melee weapon is dual daggers or sword and dagger, or ranged weapon is hagbane shortbow
  • Shade - Bloodfletcher: Only allowed, if ranged weapons is not moonfire bow
  • Bounty Hunter - Weight of Fire: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is not crossbow
  • Battle Wizard - Famish Flames: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is neither coruscation staff, nor bolt staff
  • Battle Wizard - Lingering Flames: Only allowed, if ranged weapon is neither coruscation staff, nor bolt staff
  • Unchained - Chain Reaction: Only allowed, if combination is not sword + bolt staff, or crowbill + bolt staff
  • Unchained - Enfeebling Flames: Only allowed, if combination is not sword + bolt staff, or crowbill + bolt staff

Yea that’s about it.



Great idea! I would love to use a mod with that behavior (and auto equip feature).
What about more special cases (under pressure talent and non-flame weapons for ib for example)?

Oh, you’re right! I’ll add that as another forbidden combination in the next version! Thanks :slight_smile:

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In theory sounds fun

but Ranald usually hates me with regular loot already - and I don’t intend to get screwed over by him even more.

I kinda wanna see a round of the onslaught tournament where everyone has to use this to pick their build. Would be pretty spicy/funny.


Uploaded version 02:

  • fixed possible roll of spear and shield on waystalker
  • added a bunch of talent restictions to prevent “(nearly-)dead” talents (see chapter “Talent Restictions” above)

Some restictions are not completely useless per se, but have little to no effect (like “burning enemy” talents on sienna - i made some decisions there on which combinations are allowed to keep up the fun)

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Uploaded version 03:

  • Added new class: Sister of the Thorn
  • Added new weapons: Javelin, Deepwood Staff
  • Added a talent restiction for Waystalker talent: Ricochet
  • Updated images of some outdated talents
  • Replaced all talents and weapons of all characters with images of higher resolution

Uploaded version 04:

  • Added new class: Warrior Priest
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