"Thank" you Ranald


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Praise Ranald!

Thank you Ranald! But next time look away!

Strangely enough. When I play like crap, he normally rewards me really well. But when the rest of the party is lvl 19-24 guys whom I am carrying. He barely give me a 1mm of tickage

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Sounds like you didn’t praise Ranald hard enough.


The only thing I know is that this fs randomness^tm thing is wicked. I can get legends only if quick+everything else done properly and I got the hats/skills/reds I’m not interested into :smiley:

He is the trickster god.

Also, old but gold:

That bar is full, is it not?


he should be banned for cheating :expressionless:

You also didn’t praise him hard enough, heretic scum!

But srsly, that’s probably like 0.5% missing or something xD

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