Cheater/s, scamer

Sorry in advance for my uncensored language in the attached video, but i was doing “Portrait Frame” challenges from okri’s, for bardin from cataclysm. I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong section. Can you help me with this scammer? because of course the game is supposed to be pve-oriented, but it spoils the fun of the game and exposes others to an unjust ban from EAC, of course if we can get this unjust, even though the man is innocent that someone else is scamer. As soon as I saw what a particular player was doing, I immediately left. Can we count on your intervention? thank you in advance for your answer.

What exactly is the cheat?

At around 16 seconds in after the revive, a shitton of boon stations spawn around him.

Had to watch it three times to notice xD


Shouldn’t you report this privately according to the forum guidelines?

Report the cheater to Fatshark: → Submit a Support Ticket → Query Type → Player Reports and Bans.


Although I was looking for such an option on their website, but I just couldn’t find it too much xD thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: the notification has already been sent.