Too many cheaters in cata mode :|

This is an issue that appears frequently in recent days. This is an example, unlimit flame and super large aoe in just 1 casting from Coruscation Staff:

Can u do something FatShark?

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That’s definitely an issue that needs attention. But I must say I never met a cheater in this game even once… Am I just lucky and is this indeed a widespread issue?


We had reports of cheaters before although mostly tied to Weaves. Personally and as far as I can tell, I haven’t encountered cheaters in Vermintide 2 as well (did so in Vermintide 1 though).

I hate prejudice … but I think cheating may be more an issue in “certain” parts of the world.

Mildly related, why cheat though if we have enough broken stuff in the game which is currently counted as “legit”?

i know what u mean, but hard to detect some1 is using cheat like this. They use it very discreetly like on/off a switch.

You need to bypass EAC, which isn’t a big deal but still is in a realm beyond what people normally bother to do. As Adelion noted, it appears to be a regional issue. I’ve seen at most a handful of cheaters (not exploiters, downright cheaters) throughout my entire time in Verm2.

I’ve encountered only 2 cheaters is 3 years: a waystalker that had 8000 hp and infinite ults, and a duo that were somehow able to cause potions to drop every for seconds.

Send the info to Fatshark for investigation. Link to this thread in your private message, and also be sure to include the Steam profile URL of the cheater. You may wish to also block that person’s profile while you’re there, so you are less likely to encounter them. Either one of these avenues should work for points of contact, I believe:

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“r u cheating”
Sigma male response.

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I don’t think I’ve seen a single cheater in 500 hours of play, interesting.

Wow! I’ve only joined lobbies that instantly finish. I’ve never actually witnessed a blatant cheater.

This could be Sienna Unlimited casting ability that her Talent allows her to do for 10 seconds once an elite/special is killed. Maybe you are just seeing someone take advantage of this ability?

Look at how big the fire AOE is in the picture though, there’s no way

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