Quests and Contracts from V1

I am tired of rng, i am tired of duplicates, i am tired of drop rates on hats and reds.
This is a really fun game a unique game but the rng just kills a lot of my enjoyment for it.
After getting all careers to lvl 35 all u have left to do is get reds ( and play the fun game ) which are a show of time that u put countless hours in the game u love that u have something to show for after so many runs.
Trying to get the red skins u want or the red weapons u want is all up to rng it doesnt matter if u are the best or worst at the game rng doesnt care u might have 300 hours in the game and not have the red weapon u want for the hero u play the most or the skin u really want for the weapon u play the most ( after all red skins arent made equal ).
I beg for a way to target the loot u want for it to depend on skill not rng. Challenges to get the thing u want for it to be achievable threw a quest and contracts system.

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This problem has been mitigated somewhat by the “event skins”: you don’t get the exact illusion you want, but (if FS likes your weapon too) you might be able to craft it with a red illusion.
But yeah, the system is worse than VT1 imo, and the conversion rate (scrap 5 red weapons to craft one) is a bit insane.
Even after 10 times the hypotetical game time you mention I’m missing red dust, mostly because I’ve been keeping my inventory tidy, destroying red weapons I don’t need, only to need 5x of them every time an event skin gets released (you could argue that I don’t need to craft them all and you’d be right, but the system in place is still quite faulty).

Darktide’s crafting RNG is so bad sometimes I forget how bad Vermintide 2 is and was collecting all red items and skins at 2700 hours I still don’t have all the silver coin shop cosmetics, I think RNG is fine if you’re making progress, but the problem is, you never know how much effort it’s going to require to unlock a specific skin, and the same for those that haven’t put in the hundreds of hours it requires to get every red item.

What I Propose:
I think there’s a solution, but I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement:
Make it so that every duplicate item skews the RNG in favor of something the player hasn’t yet acquired.
Say you get the same skin or veteran item 5x, it should have a 5x reduced chance of being given next time.
Also, increase the drop rate for higher tier and give players a chance at getting a veteran item at any difficulty above recruit (even if only a slim chance).

Many players don’t plan on sinking their lives into one game, and I think a lot of people find the long haul in VT2 rewarding because they get better at the game, not because they get items that make the game easier.