Question to Hedge - Why ergonomy has decreased compared to VT1?

Hello FS, Hello Hedge,

We lost in the keybindings : the dodge on diagonal forward input, and Kruber’s Repeater Handgun shooting interruption after releasing left mouse button. I explain :

1/ The dodge on diagonal forward input (allow dodging to the sides when running forward / dodging sideways when running diagonally). It was a great and basic feature. Since I am forced to separate both keys, dogde and jump, cause I am not used at all with your actual system. But I have some problem on jumping well because my key is not good and can’t change. So I miss some shots and do FF by accident… in VT1 it was perfect. Why not still a feature in the options? It’s an hidden autofire ! And unwanted by everyone.

2/ Kruber’s Reapater Handgun, has a mecanism really awkward, we have no toggle option, it was not like this in VT1. I mean, If you lock first Right Mouse Button, let’s call this RMB, and right following, you shoot with LMB (left button), but if you want to release the button (so you do), it’s still shooting, while you don’t want ! RMB + LMB triggered perm shooting.

I hate this ! When ennemies insta spawn close to you (yes hordes still insta spawn in your face sometimes), you want to switch to your manchine gun to clean that fast, you start shooting, you do the combo I told you, and want to switch back, you can’t !! Because you are still shooting, and shooting is above switching in your engine, and you die :smiley: (or you get accidently damages from ennemies)… And even, if I release left button, while do I want it to keep auto firing? I don’t !

To compare to VT1, if you lock RMB, press LMB, but release before reloading, it stops to shoot, despite the fact you have RMB still pressed.

Why not give us an option for this? Please :slight_smile:

Like I say often to laught a bit, the real difficulty in VT2 is not legendary not even deeds, it’s the bugs, switching mecanism, and the assassins (always coming from nowhere xD)

I did not post earlier because I believed, those things could be fixed before reaching 8 months, and also I know you have lot of work on many things, but I don’t want to wait 2 years to see some simple VT1’s features to come back in VT2.

Thanks for reading, Keep it up.

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I support any controls extensions.
Such usefull especially!
I’m new to this game and have a question to you.
I’ve posted a suggestion on adding keyboard quick turns.
HalfLife of CS1.6 like +left +right binds.
You lower mouse sens to min for aming and turn generally with Shift (left) and F (right).
So the question is: should we unite topics in one overall “Enhance and Extend Controls” or smtng like this ?
There we could go with a briefe list of what we suggest and ask to be implemented.
What you think ?


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