Disable Forward Dodge option

There is something weird with yalls forum, so I’m posting this in fragments. The thing keeps telling me I’m using illegal words.

Ok. I used the ‘b’ word and the thing lost it’s ‘gd’ mind.

In Vermintide 1 there was a game option to allow :i: not :i: jumping vertically when a lateral movement key was being held… while moving forward.

Simply, I could only jump if I was not pressing a movement key at all, or pressing only the forward movement key.

So I could be slow with my forward-reverse finger (my middle on R and F… don’t judge me!) and still dodge a critical tank smash. That was tremendous.

I play with a fairly high mouse sensitivity (2000 DPI using a Couger 700M). I’ve been playing with one for years, though I’m a shadow of my talents with it only a few years back. My head is on a swivel. (I was disturbingly good at bunnyhopping in TFC because of this)

I have learned, with the removal of the option, that I was only decent at your game because I could press the forward+lateral buttons and still dodge in the laterally represented direction.

Were too many people ‘abusing’ this feature, so it had to be removed?

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i’m interested in all topics on intricate mobility usage, so i’ll give a poke at this.

i think the design change was to simplify controls so that the forward arc movement is for jumping, and the backwards arc movement is for dodging. it took me a bit of time to get used to the dodge-on-lateral keypress moveset in v1, it didn’t feel natural, altho it was good when mastered. the dodgeback on no movement input was nice too.

having it as an option would be good though

I just use a dedicated button for dodge(shift).

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oh yea! there’s a keybind for that. i was very tempted to switch to that at the start… perhaps i should do it again and retrain.

good call!

I bound it to shift as it’s a convenient(for me) sprint button in most games,so I’m used to having it as a “mobility button” anyway. Just remember to turn off dodge on space & double tap and assign a separate dedicated jump key.

My pinky finger is dedicated to ‘melee weapon’ and ‘ping’. A and S respectively.

The problem I’m having functionally is that I don’t always get off the forward button faster than I hit my dodge, sending me leaping into the maw of a Chaos Spawn. The previous game had a setting to prevent that. Am I the only person who has noticed this is no longer an option? I’ve heard no one complain about it.

It was called “Dodge on Diagonal Forward Movement”.

=( looks like you ignored my post

i noticed the option was missing, but have adapted to it. would be nice to have it back tho

Yeah I used the option in VT1. But in VT2, as it was missing, I just put a keybind for jump only and dodge only, exactly the same. Having both on one key was utterly devastating as you sometimes jump, when you wanted to dodge. I see this problem for a lot of people, even in Legend, as they didn’t bother looking into the options.

I didn’t ignore you, Mookana! I love you!

I was being hyperbolic. Sorry for making you feel left out.

A separate dodge key would work… Or as DrClassy suggested, moving my jump key off the space bar. But before I change the way I’ve been playing the game for years I thought I’d see what the community thought.

Hmm can you dodge in foward direction, like mini charge?

You can’t.

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It just ignored the forward key press. If you had the setting on you would dodge in any lateral direction held regardless if forward/backward movement keys were being held.

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