Question on the "replace DLSS-G frame gen with FSR3 frame gen" mod

Hi, I’ve been looking at ways to improve the game’s performance on my RTX3060 laptop with varying degrees of success, but recently I came across the mod that replaces DLSS frame gen (locked to RTX40 series) with FSR3 frame gen for games, but the mod owner specified that the mod is not to be used in multiplayer games due to anticheats flagging it.

Mod link: dlssg-to-fsr3 (Replace Nvidia DLSS-G Frame Gen with AMD FSR 3 Frame Gen) at Modding Tools - Nexus Mods

It’s not a mod specifically for Darktide, rather one that directly mods the way games interact with the GPU.

I’ve tried the mod with darktide and it has very visibly improved my game’s performance, allowing me to play at a higher resolution with better framerate & framerate stability, and even lower GPU temp, despite it having UI ghosting problems (not natively implemented).

Will using this mod get me banned?
If so, will there be any plans to introduce native FSR3 frame gen for Darktide?

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FSR 3 is on its way to darktide. No date but I saw it listed as an upcoming game on AMD’s site. It does support FSR 2.2 already, though I don’t know if that works on 30 series.


Hopefully native FSR3 frame gen comes sooner rather than later. The performance gain is really incredible.

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