QQ-Cancelling messes with your dodge (advanced mechanics)

Issue Summary:
QQ-Cancelling while dodging makes u kind of sliding.

Running Weapon Quick Switch on my side mouse button allows me to simultaneously QQ-Cancel while doing proper movement. Learning the mechanic for a few weeks now, this issue got more and more frustrating. The better u get the more often it happens. It makes it almost impossible to dodge while attacking.

Please let us know if this is intentional behaviour to prevent abuse of QQ or simply a bug.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Run 2h-Hammer on slayer with improved dodge range (should be the best to show the effect)
  2. QQ-Cancel your first light attack while dodging.

FYI: You might have to remap “Weapon Quick Switch” to ur side mouse button, to leave movement to ur left hand while ur right hand is responsible for attacking.

This issue was confirmed by a few friends with playtimes beyond 1000 hours, which might be the only group of people being interested in it.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%), if u are hitting the timing.

Also happens on movement slowdown from overcharge without QQ cancelling.

i just tray it and is like sliding on ice instead of doge(dont register as doge?)

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