QoL mod

leave mission automatically

  • knife player
  • axe player
  • below level 100 player
  • tunnelvision players
  • 3 Psyker Lobby
  • Highscore, high individual skill, but trash teamplayer!
  • dumb names


  • 3 Ogryn Lobby
  • Book Club

just kidding :laughing: i just had 10 11… tbc…Missions with the “problems” above and used a clickbait :man_shrugging:


a good QoL change would be less loading times when i quit a lobby because i smell problems i cannot handle or bear.
I’m starting to get elitisit and prejudge people from loadout and cosmetics they wear :see_no_evil:.
Welcome to grimdark! :japanese_ogre:

edit 2: Damnation pubg unplayable for 2 days for me. people just aren’t ready for it.

tbh what is happening?
2 Level 17 in a Heresy Mission.
even these missions failing becaue people are not ready for it.

If this continues i give the game a break or play with Bots.

Heresy is soloable if you are a max level character, and 17 is a perfectly apt time to get in there to get that juicy XP. If they failed that’s a skill issue on their end nothing to do with their level.


idk main knife zel in auric/ auric maelstrom have no problems.
but have been lvl 2 new charachters beacuse of funny names and t3/t4 are a mixed bag.
T3 ppl don’t realy know how to do objectives or don’t save medpacks for end event, but it’s ok it’s so ez anyways and guess it’s mostly kids or weekend dads playing.
T4 it’s more bad players thinking they are good, getting angry over others gear and what not (well ofc if u are max lvl and have good gear and still stuck in heresy u probably still have to improve your skill)

Just play T5 or auric ppl there are mostly chill and good

I wouldn’t know. I just duo’d to 30 with a friend. That seems to be most chill way to play the game.

understandable, but maybe your team mates while you are doing fine aggroing and having great mobility, but taking ages for endless hordes others struggle to deal with.
i’m talking about T5+, Heresy is boring to me mostly, but i cannot handle people rush into big packs of gunners then go down or into stealth or just take too long to deal with what they aggro’ed.
You may do good, i see lot of Knife and Axe players who are bad teammates imho.

My Zealot is 153 and i can deal with a lot, but not carry whole team and again talking about Damnation and Hi Int.
After 12 losses i played one Heresy to see 2 Level 17 go down first encounter.
Not fun.

With friends in DC it’s all much easier, but i have no friends playing and play PubG and arent willing using DC talking with strangers that could be my children.

yeah ofc T5 auric/maelstrom?!? ppl are better there no faffing around and everyone knows their main.

ok check out some builds and try improving

idk almost never see this in T5+auric/maelstrom maybe its a region thing?!?
Im on emea servers.

If your friends don’t play DT check out the LFG on DT’s discord to hook up with some ppl.
also discord is much better then VC in PUBs

not sure it’s true, i mean i am not a top scorer and i was all the time last man standing, but then also dying ofc.

read the Martyr Zealot thread i made

if that means Europe, same.

like i said i cant bear most people humor and attitude.

Oh, there is a mod for you actually.


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