Purified outfit bug

One of two bugs with cosmetics.

This is XBOX ONE/S, offline only.

Here all the purified’s have been earned, and equipped, however the ironbreaker, huntsman and handmaiden’s have all faded from existence.
The handmaidens being particularly odd, it had disappeared, thought lost, but magically reappeared days later so I re equipped it, seemed fine, when I got the final outfit for the engineer and equipped it on him handmaidens was still working (not IB or hunt however) but when I left the pilgrims chamber back to main campaign area the handmaidens outfit had vanished from existence again.

I believe this glitch is tied to the other cosmetics glitch where all cosmetics are missing and when you load into the keep it cycles through all the purchased cosmetics from expansions.
It seems to particularly not like when you have expansion classes set as bot preferences, typically resetting them to basic outfits and corrupting the other classes to unequip their purified outfits.

Another note, the last 4, in order, classes completed for purified outfits were huntsman itonbreaker handmaiden, then outcast engineer. Does not and did not effect other classes unless the load in purchase item glitch triggers causing ALL classes to set back to standard outfits and be missing ALL headgear. This part can sometimes be remedied by loading back and forth between on and offline, not always, and highly annoying. glitch has been active since belachor release for offline format, and does not seem to effect online.

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If anyone else is having the same trouble, with equipped purifieds or DLC purchase constant reintroduction where you lose all your cosmetics in the OFFLINE mode, drop your clips.
Although I know most people don’t play it, sometimes people have bad internet for months at a time and its nice to work on that actually will count toward something, since everything is solo you can really test your mettle.

Ok, so this is fantastic…
Started playing around with placing all classes back to their base outfits and hats, and all weapons to non dlc weapons, put bot priority back to original, in original order, and now my outcast engineer purified outfit has vanished from existence. So the last four outfits I earned have all vanished and are completely unusable, and unobtainable.
There appears to be a cascade memory issue. It seems to be tied to changing either outfits or cosmetics and backing out to the main menu without running a mission. I tested this by changing outfits on classes then backing out of offline to main menu then back in, the last class that I changed would revert back to pre alteration unless I had run a mission.
I am making an assumption towards a conclusion that after earning and equipping the last 4 purified outfits individually that I had exited the game after equipping each one as I did not do any of them on the same day.

Either way, I would love a fix.
It took ages to track down and kill all of the grudge monsters, and I feel robbed now.

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