Missing cosmetics after recent Xbox update

I haven’t played Vermintide in a few weeks but everything was fine and I had all of my things before this recent update, the Karak Azgaraz content update. It’s like it reset the cosmetics and portrait frames but I still have all of my character levels, premium content, and weapon illusions. This is for every character.

This is also only on Offline mode, I don’t have Ultimate right now. I’ve tried finding a way to transfer my online progress to Offline but it seems they changed it or made it automatic? Because I can’t find where to do it in-game. Or maybe I can’t transfer because I don’t have access to Online? I know that’s never affected anything before though, I’ve been playing the game in offline mode without Ultimate for months now without issue.

Are all these things just gone?

Console: Xbox Series S

As a fellow xbox player, who plays a lot in offline mode, I can tell you that this problem has been around in varying degrees for around 1 year now. It started with cosmetics vanishing and then coming back. For me, everything not premium has been gone since tower of treachery dropped.

I have written various tickets about this issue as well and FS have insisted that the stuff is not lost and that they are working on a fix. I can‘t play at the moment, so I haven‘t installed the latest update. But I had hoped that with this one they might have finally fixed it. But apparently not.

Give it up. They have abandoned console completely. Versus isint even coming to xbox or consoles at all let alone anything else. It says right in the faq.

Bit late, but console is not abandoned, not at all! This issue in OP is already fixed and compensation was rolled out to users, for instance, and more content is coming out for console for sure, alongside any regular updates and fixes.

Regarding Versus and console, we’ll have a dev blog coming out sometime soon that will touch on this subject.

I still waiting information about the UI detailed for consoles. PC players from April 2023 have it. I don’t believe that the problem for consoles is coming from visibility on TV. If I have a 4K and play to maximum of one meter?

Is there any chance to have it and in a short time?

You have done it last year so it shouldn’t be a big problem.