Cosmetics missing bug, OFFLINE XBOX only

The OFFLINE, XBOX version of your game is carrying a bug or two.

A month before the new belachor content came out online for Xbox it existed on the offline version. Since that install there have been frequent crashes (typical) due to lightning, and other code issues unseeable to the player.
Those ARE NOT the bug, the bug is that most times when you load into the game, ALL of your cosmetics are missing aside from purchased DLC content, such as warrior priest, sister of thorns, grail knight and engineer. All of there stuff is there, but when you are initially dropped into the keep it shows you the list, of everything you have purchased almost every time you enter from the main menu.
You have characters with no hats, no selectable outfits, and no borders, just default outfit, bald heads and default borders.
You have to manipulate the game by going back and forth between your online and offline profile to bypass this issue.

I didn’t suffer through tracking down and killing all the grudgemarked enemies to not be able to wear the Purified outfits.
Can you please address, this is particularly annoying.

Usually starts like this, but I got lucky this time, nothing was “missing” but it went through all the stuff. :confused:

This is after loading in a second time trying to get the stuff to load in.

Very typical at the moment.

And could you look into all the holes in grimbolds stronghold and slaughter bay. Dodging through the floor or parrying a monster and dropping to the underworld with no escape is not a good time.

You can literally run around for hours down there. And some levels you just fall through the floor to your death.

Maybe if you can figure out why this crashes, the lightning wouldn’t be so difficult to remedy.

Again, crashing for no reason.

This is what the cosmetics bug looks like, most times. Not all.

Now I have all my outfits (purified) but huntsman and ironbreaker refuse to be useable.

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