Purge the Heretic

Kill 500000 heretics - reward 5 penance points.

Should be nominated for sainthood…

It feels like there should be a tangible reward for some of the harder to achieve penances like this one maybe some goggles for my vet or something


Conceptually, this is a very easy achievement to get-- just keep playing the game and you’ll eventually get it.
Conceptually still, it takes a veeeeeery long time to reach that point, and should therefore greatly reward the player for playing so long.
5 penance points is laughable.
It should involve at least 1 very nice cosmetic.


There are quite a few that will take a while to get. I’m hoping its something they shelved for later since they have so many other things to do.

That’s only the fourth one as well by the way I’m betting the fifth will be kill a million heretics - reward 5 penance points. Anyone actually at that yet can confirm it?

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Oh boy here I go purging again!

In my book, every penance should give you some kind of reward. Have you seen the leaked cosmetics they’ve already prepared for their overpriced premium shop?

It’s disgusting business practice on the part of Fatshark, honestly. I know it sounds harsh, but I’ve consulted the book about it!

The results are shocking:


If the premium shop was truly as bad as everyone says it is fatshark wouldn’t have released it.

Oh it’s not bad for Fatshark, it’s made for milking whales and I’m sure it will print them quite a bit of cash.



I eat plenty of vitamin c. I’ll be fine.

Single handedly destroys half the mobian sixth reward = continued existence

Hadron - Your still a VARLET
Inquisitor Rannik - I’ll let you live… for now

Thanks guys ah here’s my drop ship better get back at it cya.


No seriously though it’s a premium shop that you have to pay money just to access. Again, the community should have drawn the line in vm2 or whenever it was first introduced. It doesn’t matter how it’s dressed up or how “fair” you think it feels, no one with any self respect would ever buy anything from such a shop. You shouldn’t be arguing for ways to make it more fair, you should be arguing to remove it completely and make all cosmetics free. Boiling frog and all that.

the real insult is like 10 recolors of the non penance gear for dockets. No point even collecting them for the sake of spending your money.

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I saw a dude in some of the new gear. He looked really cool lol much better than me in my full pen vet stuff.

Ok Im jealous Im going to go buy the new gear now

I mean even this guy looks cooler than me and hes a baddy lol

It aint half fair i tell ya

(hes probably a better shot than me too lol)

Premium currency was voted down by the community when FS held a poll about it in VT2, and they still added it to DT.


Which reminds me, I’m extremely disappointed that the long-las is absent, even though it was on the first advert image we got:

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There’s still time for them to add things.

I was kind of hoping to be able to hold the lasguns triggers down and melt stuff with it too now and then. But it just goes pewpewpewpew.


Should have voted more harderer

FYI the 5th iteration of all 3 of the kill tally penances have a frame for a reward, and are likely to be the last thing on your list to get a cosmetic dangly thing as well. So tbf its a bit more than just 5 penance points (which is technically 25 points cumulative with the rewards for the 1-4 iterations of the kill tally penances).

My brother in the emperor’s light people have been saying that since the closed beta and look what happened: Little to nothing.


Long Las, WANT NOW!!!