Penances feedback and wish for future penances

I really enjoy new penances and cosmetics, they are easy for early game, cosmetics reflect that and are nice for rejects !
I think old penances were + - ok (easier now), and their cosmetics are really cool ! It’s nice for middle/late game !
Could fatshark add some really epic penance (but not ruinning other player exp) to unlock epic cosmetics, only for héros of the imperium !
Penances could be something like (only in max difficulty) :

  • win 6 game consecutively
  • dont die 6 game consecutively
  • kill + - 30 ennemis during one volley fire (veteran)
  • kill a monstruosity in only few seconds

I think it could be nice to recognise really good player as héros of the imperium when joining a mission ! Need to be hard !


There are penances tied to all of these, the vet one, they just don’t have cosmetics tied to them.

Although I think there is one where if you don’t go down for 10 games in a row you get a frame.

The last stage goes up to 15, but this one can be done on diff 3, which makes it pretty easy.

One thing they could definitely do, is to move the insignia unlocks from „50 matches played with the class“ to 250 matches played.
Or add a different one for 250.

Currently, all of these insignias are so easy to get, that nobody uses them, since they are not something cool to show off (it feels like showing off a participation trophy).

I’d love to see more insignias as well. But I’d rather have them introduce new insignias for the 250 matches for each class than move the existing ones to higher-tier penances. The more different insignias, the better. Not much of an effort to draw several new ones.


How about some more accessory items as penance rewards? Seems like the only one that’s even in the game right now is the backpack you get from pre-ordering. So lame.

Imo almost every penance should unlock some type of cosmetic. Completionism for it’s own sake is boring and unlockable cosmetics in this game still leave A LOT to be desired. Does anybody even pay attention to the points you get from completing penances. Do they even do anything?

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