Purgatus and Crit?!?

There are people sayinf Fire doesnt crit and others say Fire and Purgatus do crit and it got patched.
I’m not sure what is true
Meat Grinder on Damnaion with a Purge Staff with +10% crit dmg Perk and Warp Nexus T3
So what are the yellow numbers if not crit/ weakspot?!?
And what is the difference if there is any ?

Apparently they “fixed” the purgatus staff, by making it apply a stack of Soulfire when it would otherwise Crit. This means that it does do something now if you have a crit blessing or perk that increases crit chance…

… Except it doesn’t really fix the problem, because Crit damage has zero effect on the Soulfire, so that particular perk is useless on Purgatus staves.

But don’t worry… its sort of fixed. Thumbs up.

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not sure if it was intended, but I read that in the voice of Borat

That has nothing to do with flamethrowers in particular. There is literally not a single weapon in the game for which crit damage is a desirable perk. The way it affects actual damage calculation is beyond minuscule. Same with weakpoint bonus damage, those are both completely dead perks across the board.


my Revolver on other class crits very well, Bolter also i’m not sure if you are right here?!?

You’re not paying attention to what I’m actually saying. It doesn’t matter how much your weapon crits, the way it contributes to the actual damage calculation is miniscule. 10% crit damage does NOT mean your critical hits do 10% more damage, the way the damage calculation works it’s usually more like 1-2% more damage on crits. Weakpoint damage is similar.

Meanwhile the vs armour type perks are consistently 25% more damage multiplicative.

It’s very commonly accepted as this point that you just never ever take crit damage or weakpoint damage. Most people on the class Discords would recommend you keep a stamina or sprint efficiency roll before keeping crit damage it’s that inconsequential.

i dont see the point in Stamina or Sprint efficency as i dont rush or dodge slide all the time and unitl it wasn’t even needed on Damnation to do that.

Precisely, my point is crit damage is that bad even those perks are more desirable. Obviously what you actually want are the damage vs armour type properties. Are you reading anything I’m posting? It feels like you’re just replying to things completely randomly.

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Really? How does that go with soulfire builds? I’ve stayed away from purgatus staves, but this theoretically might make them worth using. I might try it out.

i have to admit that i dont understnad your english that good, not my mothrelanguage

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Crit chance (eg from warp Nexus) is strongly recommended on Purgatus build.

Zealot’s flamer works the same way btw. Crits apply double burn stacks.


To summarise. Crit damage very bad perk.

Take damage vs flak or damage vs maniacs instead.

I knew about it on the flamer. Just didn’t click that the purgatus might be good with soulfire builds until now.

They really could do a better job at explaining how things in this game work…

and the Blessing Warp Nexus?
That was more that i was after, sorry if asked wrong.
this is the staff i use atm, before used and like Void.
I dont use any of the SB Feats


saw it too late

It does in this case, because crit damage doesn’t even apply the miniscule 1-2% on soulfire, so the devs actually just left crit damage perk on the flamers and purgatus, because screw it I guess.

Sure, my point was just that that perk has bigger issues. But I get what you’re saying.

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I completely agree with you lol

so let me summarize: Crit Chance on Purgatus is good and does double damage burn stacks when crit proccs
But crit dmg Perk is bad, because not much dmg added at all?
Is that right?

edit: i think i then go for unyielding or maniac


That is all correct, yes.

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Yeah even a 10-20% crit/weakspot damage combined into one finesse bonus would have been barely balanced(because crits are mostly rng).