Psyker staff left click projectile shoots in wrong direction if moving mouse

In Vermintide when you left click with a staff, the projectile cast starts. At the end of said cast, the projectile is ejected from the staff to the direction where the mouse is pointing at at that time.

However, currently in Darktide the direction of shooting is determined at the moment the user first left clicks. This results in weird behavior where the projectile seems to come out from the wrong place / wrong direction and in general is just harder to aim.

Is there a good reason why this is changed? It feels very clunky.


Yes please. If you test it in the Psykharium, it feels fine, but on missions, you get this weird delay and it shoots where you were pointing at 0.1 second in the past.

This might be linked to the fact that projectiles are probably server-side…which sucks big time.

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Huh. Did not test that before, it does in fact shoot fine in the psykharium.

OK so if it is the servers, then why in Vermintide everybody had an easy time shooting the projectile, not just the host? I’m aware Darktide uses different kind of server architecture but why does it make a difference, when in Vermintide it was still fine with other clients?

I have noticed this and I feel staffs are very weak due to the power/viability in hitting moving or far ranged targets. I thought my shots were missing and this is confirmation