[Suggestion] Psyker Staves Left Click improvements

At the moment I do not see myself using any of the staves left click, as it is poor to aim with, the cross hair is bad, the single target damage is bad and it lacks the rate of fire to compensate.
Furthermore all of them having the same left click is boring af.

So here are some ways one could change the left clicks:

  1. While holding left click you get some zoom and pressing right click makes the staff fire.
  2. Holding Left click charges up a projectile with increasing zoom the longer you hold. Upon releasing lmb it gets fired.
  3. Straight up Vermintide 2 Beam staff mechanic.
  4. Holding lmb gives lets you full-auto fire.
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Honestly I’d be happy if all they did was fix this. The regular “crosshair” is a white dot. Surrounding it with more white dots just means I miss a bunch of shots because I lose track of them in the visuals and put the wrong white dot on the thing I want to shoot at.

And maybe speed up the projectile just a tad. That’d do wonders.

True, but I remember playing with the singular dot in the closed beta and that didn’t feel all that good either. Like you have to be really effing precise with aiming due to the lack of zoom and sensitivity shift and for what exactly? Mediocre damage off of trying to hit moving targets with a slow projectile?

OK, I agree the shot is kind of slow with LMB. The Vet always seems to get the kill just as I let a bolt loose. But on my Surge staff the LMB staggers, and interrupts some of the bigger mobs and it fires faster than the charged up lighting in a pinch. So I’m good with that. Would I like it to be more powerful, of course. But I don’t see too much of an issue. The sight is a little wonky. I’m not sure what might work better. For me it’s that I’m old and I lose the sight when there’s too much going on the screen at once so I taught myself to “feel” the center of the attack area and go with that.

I wouldn’t mind a larger variety off staves with more interesting primaries, but as a Psyker main I use my left-click attack on the surge staff all the time. It took a bit to learn how to aim it consistently, but it has a ton of uses, including killing things while saving on Peril. (5% per primary attack is very efficient)