Are we going to see different Psyker staffs other than VT2 Reskins?

I just want to ask if we are actually going to get different types of staffs other than the copy and paste from Vermintide other than the Surge staff?


i dont quiet get what youre saying, you aware of there are 4 types of staffs already?
trauma staff is like vermintide with the circle on the ground causing an aoe explosion at midrange and knocking enemies away for some crowd control.
voidstrike staff is like shooting a big blue fireball up to far range causing an explosion knocking enemies away a bit less for some minor crowd control.
electro staff (which i always forget its name) which chains lightning between a few enemies at midrange stunning em making it a great crowd control staff and causing only some minor dmg.
purgatory staff which is a blue flame thrower at close range damaging and dotting the enemies and a mild stagger for some mild crowd control and its the only staff that has a different primary attack which is kind of a single flame burst at close range like with the flamethrower gun instead of a ranged smaller shot like the other staffs have.
and they all pretty much change the way you play the psyker and the role in your team. as a electro staff psyker for example you crowd control to primarely stun enemies and keep am at distance or from shooting to protect your team while they finish em off and you do less brainbursts so you can keep everything stunned, while with trauma staff you thin out hordes and do minor crowd control with its knockdown and more primary attacks and headbursts since there youd have more time to do so.

It’d actually be more interesting if they copied more from the movesets than they already did.

Why do three of the four staffs have the same (largely useless) left click attack? Vermintide 2 staffs had the standard projectile on 2 staffs, then the others were different (rapid hitscan for Bolt, laser for Beam).

Why not give the Beam Staff’s alternate attack (the shotgun blast) to, say, the lightning staff as it’s left click? It would synergize really well it (Right click lightning stuns enemies, left click to shotgun them while they’re stunned). Trauma staff could have Beam Staff’s left click, since the aoe circle is a bit finicky to aim giving the staff a highly accurate left click attack would help to make up for that.

Instead it’s just
Trauma: standard projectile
Surge: standard projectile
Void: standard projectile
Purgatus: staff is literally just the flamethrower staff with the particles turned blue


Yeh. Vermintide 2 had some good staves, and I sincerely hope for the Bolt staff’s primary fire on a DT staff rather sooner than later.
Sure, they could do new stuff. But VT2 already had plenty of options.
Making enemies levitate? :white_check_mark:
Create force walls blocking enemies? :white_check_mark:
Groundfire Dot? :white_check_mark: (probably one for a fiery psyker subclass)
Between all the staves of Sienna and SoT’s options a lot has been done already. As the psyker what we currently have is mostly kintetic force, we could do with some extra knockback/shielding, but not really homing or DoT, so there’s not too much room for something drastically creative.

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A support staff focused on shielding and area protection would be sooo cool tho

Yeah light attack on staffs are just lazy,a not sure why they all have the same attack.

Im just surprised that they have the whole 40k universe and they didn’t even think to have different animations or attacks patterns.

What I am saying is that Fatshark has the whole 40k universe at its disposal and the staffs that are currently in the game - 3/4 are carbon copies of vermintide 2 staffs. A little variety would be nice to see.