Psyker QoL Issues

This isn’t about the nerfs (directly, at least); those are a matter of spreading out the Psyker’s power curve more and will hopefully be tweaked with changes to different values. However, with the changes to Psyker have come several ‘hitches’ to gameplay that are very frustrating.

:large_blue_diamond: Psi Wrath’s stagger effect doesn’t seem to interact correctly with enemies that are moving; the “running stagger” animation of normal humanoids hit by Psi Wrath can be snapped out of into attacks and shooting without warning, and larger specials like Hounds and Mutants are typically entirely unaffected while moving or charging.
:small_blue_diamond: Suggestion: The Psi Wrath ability is the Psyker’s last line of defense, ensuring it properly interrupts enemies would be a welcome improvement. Changing Psi Wrath into a direct knockdown (at least at closer proximity) is one way of doing this.

:large_blue_diamond: Psi Wrath seems to generate in a ‘cone’ shape in the direction of facing; however the cone is very shallow at the start. This results in Psi Wrath frequently missing enemies that are almost directly in front of the player.
:small_blue_diamond: Suggestion: Either create a secondary ‘bubble’ push around the Psyker or widen the cone and position its origin further ‘behind’.

:large_orange_diamond: Quell does not function alongside natural Warp decay. In fact, if you Quell while Warp is naturally decaying it will decay slower than natural decay.
:small_orange_diamond: Suggestion: Quelling when Warp is decaying naturally should cause you to Quell rapidly.

:large_orange_diamond: ‘Nullified’ Inputs made during Quelling can buffer into swapped weapons.
:small_orange_diamond: Suggestion: Drastically decreased the window of attack/block inputs buffered while Quelling, or clear those buffered inputs when swapping off of Headburst.

:red_circle: Quell has a small delay before starting. During this delay almost all forms of Warp Decay and Quelling seem to pause or stop completely. This includes natural decay, ‘resumed’ Quelling, and the 10% Auto-Quell from Battle Meditation. This does not include Psi Wrath, which seems to bypass this delay entirely when used during Quelling, even with Force Weapons.
:o: Suggestion: This delay should be removed if at all possible, and Quelling should never interrupt other sources of Decay or Quell.

Addressing these issues with Psyker will go a long way in making more enjoyable to play regardless of build or power level.


Agree with everything here. It is worse in practically every scenario to manually quell peril than to let it clear naturally.


yeah I agree. The perils management is just too much tbh I don’t mind managing it but I find myself just spending time doing that melee and brain popping I hardly ever use ranged.

Also Force weapons should be focuses that’s the whole point of them and should help keep perils lower also Force sword push raising perils is big OOF one of the defensive options is tied to your offensive options take that crap away or make the force push good and worth the 20% perils. hell even if force weapon kills in melee bled down perils I would be cool with that makes sense to me off load the warp energies onto the target more perils bigger boom that would be better then just chain sword but space magic

as a player you shouldn’t be punished for weapon/power choices which kinda feels like that.

Edit: I just realized how much warp charges are required for the kit and you only get them from brain pop lol. Yeah you need to have a different way to generate them else certain talents are going to be required for keeping charges up. maybe X% of warp heat generated nets you a charge but idk seems half baked now after thinking about it.


I’ll add another one - it’s actually significantly harder to target enemies in cover with Brain Burst now, and you can’t “pre-charge” it.

In the closed beta, it felt like if I could see any of their body at all, I could target them. If a gunner on a ledge above was poking an elbow out from behind their cover I could target them, which gave it an interesting and unique use as a cover-ignoring tool. I’ve had moments in this beta where I can see their entire head and yet Brain Burst just refuses to lock on.

Also, as I mentioned, in the closed beta you could 99% charge Brain Burst without a target and then pop someone when they came around a corner. This was offset by it building peril and slowing you down, making it difficult to abuse. Now that functionality is just gone, it doesn’t charge if you don’t have a target.


These are both things I planned to mention in a more in-depth review of Psyker who, aside from Zealot’s abilities being literally nonfunctional, is in the most need of feedback.