Psyker Penance

These penances are driving me into heresy. Warp Battery is double bugged for me (doesn’t work on malice, i did it on heresy twice and it’s currently at 300/300 no completion) which is very upsetting. Mind Over Matter is a required mission for Kinetic Killer which means neither can be completed as of now. Pick n’ Mix wasn’t possible before hotfix and is doable now but requires a very annoying amount of luck. Going out with a Bang required so much griefing. The explosion seems to do very little dmg. I feel like if I’m suiciding, i should at least be able to kill a group of 3 dogs. Malleus Monstrom i’m not even going to try. Maybe when private lobbies come out but even then it sounds unbearable. Yes these should be challenging but they shouldn’t be tilting. I don’t want to give up on the cosmetics and that makes it even more frustrating. Heresy is already hard enough, at this point im not even playing the game while trying to get these done. My last 4-6 hours of gameplay have been rage queing for just a couple penances. I can definitely see a lot of players having no chance at some of these and quitting because they cant get their class’s cool cosmetics even at max level.