Psyker insanity feedback (Sound)

So far I love the game, other than some optimization issues the game looks beautiful and can run well sometimes. Balancing wise the game also feels extremely good, melee combat is great, and with the buffs the psyker got on the 18th he feels a lot better than day 1 (it feels like I can use my class to its fullest but still feel like I need to be skilled to use peril correctly. Good balance between weak and overpowered). Things I would love to see is a setting to tone down the Warp wispers/Insanity when you get to 90%+ peril. It can get hard to hear specials and or just listen to the amazing soundtrack when I hear screeching in my ear over anything else. Maybe make it a setting for ability’s sound bar in settings. I will add more feedback the more I play but so far my 19 hours I put in the game have been amazing!

i was about to make a post on the same argument, i agree completely, THAT IS TOO MUCH LOUD i can’t hear anything in the game and almost makes my ear bleeds and if you lower your volume you can’t listen to specials or hordes

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