PSU running loud in the Keep

I only just got around to playing Vermintide 2 after the recent DLC patch, and I’m having an issue where my PSU runs really loud in the Keep.

First time I ran the game I just clicked around the inventory and hero screens, and tested a weapon with Sienna. This was enough to have the PSU roaring.

Second time, I jumped into a Quick Play match immediately, and the PSU was running as normal. Played through the entirety of Athel and soon after I returned to the keep the loud PSU noise started again.

It’s a new PSU, and there were no volume issues when I played Blood Bowl 2 and Monster Hunter: World earlier. I also never had any issues with my old PSU running Verm before the patch. That’s why I wonder if it’s somehow related to the patch.

Anyone else having this issue? Anyone got any ideas?

What do you mean with PSU?

In nerd circles it’s usually “power supply unit”, which seems odd. The PSU is dumb copper (usually), and the only reason for the fan to speed up is extreme power draw.

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Yep, that’s what I meant, the Power Supply Unit. Took the side off my case so I could put my ear near the CPU, the GPU, and the PSU and it was definitely the PSU making all that noise.

The fan because it was moving air (i.e. the wind making noise) or because the fan itself is noisy (i.e. ball bearings close to giving up)?

If you run benchmark, occt or any command center next to vermintide, you´ll mention, that the GPU/CPU works “harder” in the keep. Especially the inventory seems to cause more work and heat than a horde.

I don´t know what´s your noise, but it´s probably just a fan starts running faster.

Btw the whole performance (especially gpu/cpu heat - issues) became better with the latest patch. It sank about 6-10 degrees at my PC.

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