[PS4] Vermintide 2 - Version 1.05


Patch 1.05 is out now for PS4.

Whilst 1.04 corrected a vast number of stability problems, we knew there was one big one left which required additional logging to be implemented in order to solve it. That logging went out in 1.04 and patch 1.05 is the result of that, a fix for the biggest remaining cause of instability in the PS4 version of Vermintide 2.

We’ve also fixed the inability to invite players to your lobby from the in-game interface.

Our work doesn’t stop here of course. We’ll continue to look over QoL changes that people request, such as the Lobby Browser, and bringing events to you as well as keeping content coming throughout the year.

Big love,

Team Fatshark


Yay thanks for the hard work

Thanks for the patches Fatshark. Looking forward for what’s to come!

I’m Erect

Sorry devs but I’m still getting stability issues. The main one is that I can’t join games or be joined by friends after a broken connection or being booted out. Solution to the one above: I have to restart the app.

There are other small ones I can’t even remember now so they can’t be that bad.

Thanks for the support.

I bought the game two days ago and after playing for about 5mins online with a friend the game crashed. Frozen screen, had to turn the PS4 off at the mains to fix. Now every time I start the game and choose new game or prologue it crashed 100% of the time either in the level loading screen or about 10 seconds into the opening prologue cut scene. I have rebuilt the PS4 database and also deleted and re downloaded the game and it’s still the same. This is the it game my console crashed with, any help would be appreciated. The game look good from the few mins I got to play though

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