[PS4] Vermintide 2 - Beta Update #2


We’ve just put out the second update for the PS4 Beta, Version 1.02. It should be available worldwide within the next hour or two. Here are the notes:


  • Fixed a case where the title would crash when you entered the Bridge of Shadows in the Keep.
  • Fixed a case where the tile would crash when using the social wheel under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Bardin’s dual wielded hammers would always cause him to be calm and composed. The Slayer will now be correctly riled up.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not pick up the first Grimoire on level Righteous Stand.
  • Several localisation strings in Simplified Chinese now have new translations.
  • Fixed a minor localisation issue with an incorrect Russian letter.


  • Optimized art assets for level Righteous Stand

Hardin has dual hammers? Since when I’ve only ever found dual axes

We sort of announced this on friday’s stream. It will be part the the back to ubersreik dlc

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I am dearly sorry I didn’t see the steam yet, I will go watch it now.

Ahhh its not on youtube, that’s why I didnt watch it.

link to the stream? OR better yet put that up on youtube please.

thanks for the link.

the video keeps saying the sound has been muted because it contains copy righted material. so the video has no sound.

When is the dlc going to be released on PS4? Is it going to be available on the 18th when the game releases for everyone ?

Yeah were working with Sony to lift the copyright claim (on our soundtrack… welcome to 2018!)

On the 18th yep :slight_smile: