[PS4] Vermintide 2 - Version 1.04


Thank you for your patience whilst we worked on some of the creases in Vermintide 2 for PlayStation 4.

Patch 01.04 resolves the most common crashes that have been occurring since the last update. With this release, you should see a significant improvement in stability.


  • Nine crash fixes.
  • Overall improvement in stability.

Hell Yes


Nice, hope you’ll fix the sound issue with fire weapons like fireball staff and drake pistols


Now that’s EPIC

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I’ve played a couple of games and have not had that problem any more.

Thank you FatShark, from all of us here on PS4! Thank you again for fixing the annoying sound issues, now I can use different stuff =)



I have been unable to complete a map since the update. It either shows disconnected from host a few minutes in or I get blue screen error. People having trouble joining my games too even people on my friends list the arrow just keeps spinning and never joins them.
My friends are having the same issues since downloading the update and the games unplayable for us now since it’s impossible to complete a map without the game kicking you off midway.

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Thank you SO much Fatshark! :heart:

Read the guy’s post above me though, so I’m kinda worried… Let’s see though

Been working great for me :pray:

:heart: U FS

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