[PS4] Vermintide 2 - Version 1.07 - Patch Notes


Welcome to Update 1.07 on PlayStation 4. The update brings some fixes and tweaks, alongside a new set of Weekly Events.


  • Removed lobby browser from the start game menu when in offline mode
  • Fixed an issue where you didn't get any paintings if you run the game in offline mode.
  • Fixed an issue where certain users in certain countries would crash if they filtered the lobbies in the lobby browser on region.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you altered some gameplay settings in the option menu while at the start menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash for clients if an enemy would despawn at the same frame as the enemy was unloaded.
  • Fixed a UI related crash.
  • Fixed issue with guest accounts.

Awesome, thanks Hedge! Give my thanks to the rest of the hard workers too!

You really rrefuse to fix that dismemberment doesnt work anymore huh? Why the game isnt fun since patch 1.06… To disable dismemberment totally destroyed the fun factor for me…

If you really dont want people like me to play the game we payed for anymore you have succeded… :frowning:

As far as I know console games must meet certain criteria (even on max settings) while I do not know if the consoles requirements changed or if FS’s build suddenly ran worse that’s the reason why you don’t have access currently (unless your county has some extreme gore laws like Germany had for a long time).

im Swedish where censorship is an illegal frowned upon coomunist dictatorship thing and im on a pro so its hardly any of those problems. Before 1.06 dismemberment was awesome and the game ran fine at around 30 to 60 fps after 1.06 maybe 1 dismemberment in 200 enemies its really pathetic and it kills 99% of the fun playing the game for me and all the friends i had playing the game has also dropped it because of that. please bring it back so i can play the game again othewrwise you have lost alot of players including me if we matter at all to fatshark that is…the really annoying thing is that i bought the special edition… man that was pointless and a waste of cash so far…

Ignoring the supposed notion that censorship and communism is apparently interchangable (it isn’t), let me get this straight.

The fact that 1 dismemberment (allegedly) only happens every 200 enemies…

…makes the game completely unplayable?

All of your friends dropped the game… because dismemberments don’t happen all the time?

…that’s it?

That’s apparently the reason why player count has been on the lower end?

Because of this?

That’s apparently the reason why buying the special edition was a waste of money, even though dismemberment wasn’t even a selling point of the special edition at all?


I’m going to be real with you here chief. I’m giving this a fat


I still see plenty of dismemberment like at least every other if not then every enemy I attack I either behead or lop an arm off of so idk I’m on a pro but I don’t think that makes a difference

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Im on a pro too and i use hdr… Well that makes it very strange then. Have you played the game in the earlier patches?

I played when it first came out for a month then just recently picked it back up again and I didn’t notice a difference in the gore

Well then thats very strange. It can hardly be censorship like i said im Swedish and censorship is illegal here.

Being a pod you ofcourse do not understand that humans sometimes exhagurate things like 200 as an example that it is something that occurs often. Abd yes communism is absoluetely something you can use as something to relate censorship since ALL communist states rely heavily on that as a subjugation of its Citizens. But that is not something that is to be discussed here. are you implying that my complaint is not valid because it doesnt apply to your view of what makes a game fun or good? Can you comprehend the notion of that not everyone shares your view on that? What is it like being a pod person? Did i offend you with my earlier post or did your realise how stupid your reply to my post was? Was that the reason you reported it? Or was it just that you felt ashamed over how it made you look?

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something i find baffling is that the devs refuse to adress this i mean it is a serious problem for some players it makes the difference between buying the game or not and also it makes the difference if i would recommend it for someone looking for a violent visceral game. (i do even if
LordRhinark cant fathom it) have a pretty big following as i do playthroughs. And as in the state i find the game now i would not recommend you buy it until the problem has been adressed. I havge talke plenty of people out of buying rage 2 for example for a similar reason.

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Maybe it has something to do with your connection to the host or what type of console your using. Heck well I was using the xb1 our systems would crash shutting down the game then the system if you opened a message. All about the frames these days.

Be careful I jumped into the bridge and alt fired victors repeater pistol and now all my progress is gone. I’m trying to get help from support but no one seems to communicate until the problem is fixed.

How come Xbox got graphics update and none for Playstation!???

Please patch update graphics for Playstation to support higher resolution and graphics

Pls don’t necro thread

Instead make a new thread asking about it

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