PS4: After latest update 1.18 annoying chat issue


so I got a little issue with the chat wheel. Since the update it has shown for me chat texts in localized form of text. And as you might guess, I do not read every language in the world. Not even those that V2 has been translated to.
I’ve tried to look for a fix from the game’s settings, no luck. And haven’t stumbled on anything on my PS4 settings that would show me chat wheel text on their language. Mine’s basic English version from the PSNStore.

Also why the chat commands were removed from the right side of the HUD completely, not even giving option to put it back on.

Cheers, and not quite sure if this is the right place to post this.

Thanks for the report! I’ve moved your post in to the bugs section, and I have raised this issue with our Console Developers.

And here’s a screenshot what it looks like. Unfortunately for this pic had only a russian and two french. Insert your chosen language :sweat_smile:

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