Project Playerbase Revitalisation, my thoughts / suggestions

( I originally posted this on the games forum on steam with the same title. I will update this along with the steam post. )

Now before we start I’d really like to know if Fatshark even considers developing the game further and not just sprinkle some map DLCs until the next project and call it a day or if they are actually cooking something up in their labs that’ll blow our minds. Please enlighten me.

After the typical playerbase drop at the end of the honeymoon phase Fatshark needs to take a close look at their game and get back to the drawingboard. What needs to be done to get people that dropped the game days after the release? What about the people currently playing? Faithful and heretic alike. We need change and I talk Tzeentch degrees of change.

Big Changes. Big Announcements. Big Patches. Big Dakka.

And I am not talking about tweaking difficulties for the weak skilled. I am talking about overhauling the system and features to a degree that screams “Fatshark was here” and we loved it.

Unless they start adding quality of life changes and massive overhauls we’ll see no actual growth in the playerbase or players becoming fans of the franchise in the near future and beyond. Fatshark should be especially attentive to players who play their game deeper than surface level to find accurate critique and helpful solutions to the current state of the game.

We need a version of the game that would sell twice as much as the 1.0 ever would and inspires active players to fawn over it to players that left the game early on hopefully pulling them back in;

A true “Vermintide II 2.0”.

So I’ll start with my various 2.0s and edit them from time to time.

Crafting 2.0
Either combine green and blue dust or add an option to exchange / add dust or salvaged parts to lower scrap cost for upgrading / salvaging higher quality items grant more lower quality materials /exchange X orange dust for either X green or X blue dust / use orange dust to lock 1 item property but not value / extracting illusions are permanently unlocked and added to a catalogue, costs still apply but it’s dust / highlight non-collected illusions in salvage window + warn if about to salvage / weapons with illusions grant higher chance for more dust /

Weapons 2.0
Add one additional property to shield weapons / add and limit weapon specific traits to all weapons / add weapon stances depending on weapon type and class combination shown as different patterns of wielding and swinging the weapon / slightly higher offensive values for offensive weapons as well as defensive values for defensive weapons / add corrupted weaponry with a unique bonus and malus (purples?) /

Items 2.0
Combine grenades with powder kegs or lamp oil to create a hero specific bomb which can only be only be used by the player creating it ( i.e. Bardin gets a spinning incendiary grenade that has a smaller radius but travels and bounces off of walls) / small ammunition bags with two 50% charges instead of one 100% charge (preventing ammo hogging and encourage ammo sharing… hopefully) / combine two buff potions to make a throwable debuff one depending on the combination used ( ten second debuff FF enabled on all difficulties) /

User Interface 2.0
Add stats, numbers and percentiges in the equipment screen show changes in a different colour than the default one / tooltips leave no room for interpretation and are precise in their description / Show every trait of equipped items in the TAB window for all teammates to see (displayed as unique icons similar i.e. to W40k Last Stand mode with tooltip via mouseover) / add channeling bar for the grimoire to avoid accidental destruction during the chaos of battle / ingame bug reporting tool with coordinates and categories for better clarity /

Skills 2.0
Synergy with specific weapons adding a unique bonus amplifying different roles in the group / remove redundant skills instead add them as unique weapon traits to specific weapons / enhance item use in a unique to the hero chosen way /

Enemies 2.0
Add behaviour of different enemy types towards each other (i.e. let blackrats use slaverats as projectiles to stagger, slow heroes or meatshields for protection of ranged fire) / add specials unique during horde spawns ( i.e. suicide bomber “blessed” by their dark god) / chance for named bosses in non-endboss maps for one dice /

Maps 2.0
Randomized enviromnental and weather hazards being both a blessing and a curse ( i.e. thick fog, rain, chaos storm, advanced chaos corruption, fire outbreak) / traps that cause ambushes to appear, snare or damage a player if not freed in time, can be disarmed upon approaching / add different routes inbetween tome and grim locations ( i.e. random blockades, hazards forcing the group to take an alternative route, changing the scenery and layout for battle) / more interaction with the enviornment in a meaningful or harmful way / the dummies in the keep must be properly overhauled to fullfill their designated function as a measurement stick /

Player Interactions 2.0
Add a dial menu with communication shortcuts that are either voiced and shown in chat( i.e. “I Need Healing” -Genji, 2018, “Wait!” or even trigger idle chatter while waiting for the last teammember to arrive with the grim.) / dialogue depending on the heroes class chosen ( i.e. Unchained + Witch Hunter Captain) / emotes /

Vermintide 2 just recently hit the shelves. You’ll have to wait some more on 3.