Progression systems and replayability Idea's. Whats your thoughts?

Hi all, please criticize this and give your opinions, I’d love to hear it!

So Class based FPS horde shooter, but 40K and were playing predominantly as some form of Imp Guard (basic human) in the most over powered universe in fiction… so as for a way to make it more fun, and significantly rewarding at higher levels, class unlocks based upon level.

To elaborate, lets say 100 lvls in a prestige, 25 prestige’s (or something along those lines, yes I play PayDay 2). Exponential difficulty (through amounts of Enemy and enemy variety) increase per difficulty level of mission selected, with an XP reward based of difficulty of mission played, similar to Verm with loot rewards, or Payday with XP rewards. Say at level 50, you can play as a Astates Class, and you are stupidly strong. Say IG (Imperial Guard) has 100 HP, Astartes has 2500, deals significantly more damage etc etc however the difficulty in missions designed for players lvls 50-75 are significantly more difficult rising exponentially over those missions, lets say you go from having 300 Enemies in a mission for IG appropriate difficulty, to 1500 for an Astartes appropriate difficulty, which would change the gameplay from being, “Oh :heart::heart::heart::heart: I have to avoid damage at all costs!” for IG, to “Right I’m going to take damage regardless, how can I best mitigate as much as possible in order to be in a good enough place to make it through the final push at missions end.” Which would mean that the gameplay would change dynamically as you level keeping it fresh with different styles being incorporated properly dependent on the class you’re playing.

Another fun aspect is as a Level 60 jumping into a low difficulty early game mission (which you would be rewarded adequately for due to the exponential XP increase per level) you could play as a Astartes with 3 Noob IG players and be absolutely OP in comparison, which is extremely Lore friendly, would give the new players and objective to chase (seeing as they could become this hulking beast of a carry) and allow Old players who are introducing their friends to the game with “easy” power leveling. Or vice versa, be a IG who is with 3 Grey Knights, and you are literally going to get destroyed by anything at that higher level, but you’re a grizzled veteran who has seen it all, and with the big E on your side, nothing is impossible (Similar to the Unfleshed Daemonculaba Story in the lore, Leonid is his name I think).

Obviously this could be expanded upon, lets say lvl 75+ you can play as a Primaris SM which gives a little bit of a boost in some areas, or maybe Terminator SM’s at other levels. Lets say per prestige you unlock affiliations with Astartes from different Chapters, so when you see a Blood Angel on the Field slaughtering Pox Walkers and a Demon Prince of Nurgle on the 2nd hardest difficulty, you know that guy has seen some :heart::heart::heart::heart: and is ready to avenge Sanguinius. This could then dynamically change gameplay. For Example, once per prestige you can chose a SM affiliation, and then when you unlock the Astartes class, dependent on said affiliation dictates weapons available, E.g: Salamanders have emphasis on Fire weapons, Space wolves would be Melee heavy, Blood Angels would go into fury when they’re on low health or a team mate dies, giving them increased stats etc. Then lets say at Prestige 25 you can just choose whatever affiliation at any time as a reward for playing that long. This would mean players with 300 hours in the game, would still be getting to play new affiliations and have new experiences, allowing for a :heart::heart::heart::heart: tone of repetition, as there is always something new to unlock. And then for continued support, Fatshark could sell new Affiliations for DLC, hell I know I’d pay £10 for a chance to play as a member of the legion of the damned.

Just my very quick thoughts for how to balance a horde game and keep it fun with meaningful progression that keep gameplay fresh for people who have put 100’s of hours in. I know none of this will be how the game will play as that’s not its intended purpose, its most likely Vermintide Copy Paste into 40K, but I’d love to hear peoples opinions on these idea’s and contributions!

That is like waaaaay to much. You sort of packed like 3 different Games together in one setting.

The difference between normal IG, Agents of the Inquisition (which will be most likely what we will play if I remember correctly?), Astartes, “Neo-Astartes” (Primaris), Astartes in Terminator Armour and then to top it of GreyKnights is very difficult to protray in one Game when you take VT as template. Movement, Weaponhandling, Weaponchoice, special abilities etc. are way to different between all of those “classes” to satisfy everyone…and why not put SIsters of Battle in there too?

For me personally the progression system in VT works, even though I would wish for better rewards like cosmetics that actually earn the name and are not a shiny reskin of baseweapons or just painted armour (uhh all my 15 legend armours are black, yeah is nice, but what about runes and stuff?).

But what really makes VT fun to play for me, besides Gameplaymechanics is the banter between the well established characters. This would not be possible in your discribeds scenario since there is too much change between characters that run with each other (besides the point that some combinations are like not realistic e.g. GreyKnight with normal Astartes with IG, as far as I know GreyKnights are supposed to be a secret and not a “PIn-Up-Poster”).

The OP feeling you can have in VT2 too, just jump in a Recruit or Veteran (even Champion works) Game as a Legend/Cata EQ career und you will go through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

Well so far from me, to recap, I think Astartes need their own games to be satisfying (Spacehulk: Deathwing for Terminatoraction…even though Gunplay and melee sucks), SpaceMarine 40k (SIngleplayer Ultramarines with great Gameplay) etc. and stuff like “normal” Humans (Pyskers and Nuns with Guns included) need their own Space to shine.
Which Darktide would give them.

Someone postet this Link in another Thread which lists apperantly all possible “Careers” that can be employed by the inquistion.
While there are Astartes, they come only as Deathwatch and Greyknights, both of which would warrant an extra game for their vastly different combat expertice (Deathwatch -> Xenos…mostly Tyranids I think and Greyknights -> Demons /Chaos in genereal).

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Additional thoughts based on this LInk

I think the “Career” System in VT2 is great, most additional Careers make sense (just with Kerillian I think they could have stayed in the Woodelf theme but oh well), the Grail Knight being a bit up for debate in my group at least (forced Bretonnia heritage etc.) but FS has to clear everything with GW I think so meh.

I think the Careers are so awesome because the “Base” of the Character is not changed and if one can overlook “Lore-Conflicts” to a certain degree, Darktide could profit from this to, e.g. one of the female Inquistionsal Acolytes becoming a Sister of Battle (probably not as unreasonable as become an Astartes midway…even though Sisters are trained since childhood…I think).

This leaves open a lot of varity while still keeping the “Groupplay/Banter/etc” alive.