Problem with the use of charms and potions

I have a charm or trincket forget whichone exactly but it says the nearest ally recieves the same potion effect on use, however, its always random no matter who is closest. We even tried it by people standing far away and 1 person close to me, but it gave the others the boost. Why not just say a random ally gets the same effects on usage of potion.

when they said ‘closest ally’ it actually meant whoever was closest to you relationship wise.

eh? eh? good interpretation or not?


Haha i hope thats not what it means, if that was the case it wouldnt still make sense given i was with a friend and he was closest and still got nothing. Probably just a bug, thats why im giving feedback.

so its disabled for kerillian? :rofl:


i’m sure she likes kruber and sienna!

kerillian always talks down to everyone though.

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