Private Lobby Updates?

Can we pretty please have an update on private lobby/solo that’s not just “coming soon”?

Like I understand not wanting to give a solid date but no communication is just kinda harsh. Will say tho I love what’s there already! I mean I bought 2 copies, just don’t wanna play with Rodney Rando you know?


Last I heard, they were aiming for December.

That being said, I wouldn’t expect too much info in the way of hard dates. They are currently having a community upset because of miscommunication and mismatched expectations.


I’m not upset I’m just curious, I take all these dates with a grain of salt. Any news would be welcome honestly, as long as it isn’t just “coming soon”. Getting impatient to purge with just the wife.

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The last update was just a few weeks ago and they said then they are “hoping” for sometime in December.

Solo with only bots is already pretty much done and should be coming first in a patch shortly after launch. Private lobbies they were still in the process of developing and said they hope to release late December. Honestly at this point I would expect to see private lobbies maybe sometime in January. I am not holding my breath for them to have it ready this month.


I just keep hoping, in the meantime there’s always VT2 but 40k ya know? It’s so alluring!

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