Premium Items should take it one step further

Hey there,

i bought the Blazing Knight Helmet for Krub si have finally my Outfit going in Black! I would have bought Morrs Deathmask but its still not out. I will buy Anvil of Doom for Bardin becasue these two Guys are my Mains and i would like to support Fatshark!!

However for the Price i feel like it should be go one step further for sure. Nothing big of course it should still make Money + and not deck the costs only.

What i had in mind for example.

Salty Pig Head
Let the Pig Squeek in Fear when Specials or Bosses approach
let the Pig Squeek wwhen u killed a special or Boss

Bardin Anvil of Doom
i normally read Horus Heresy, but i bought Stone and Steel Book cause i love Dwarfs. There they used a Anvil of Doom to bring down Lightning on Orks and Gobbos. Why not have that Combined?
When pushing Back Enemies when Gromril Curse procks there could be a Lightning Strike surrounding you
i like to see Blue Drakki Flames when using that hat. It would be cool to see that and it could Push the sales of these Items even further!
Mybe both of them combined if someoene feels Generous?!

You Guys can come up with other stuff aswell!

I give you one more

Aspect of Adanhu could Prock a Dryad after Killing a Special that Fights on your Side for a certain time. It shouldnt do much or any Damage but maybe CC some Horde or Root some Elites or horde!
Either way it should Aggro Enemies

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I mean, those are all cool ideas and I would like to see them in the game, but at the same time, this would promote pay-to-win and that’s not something I want to see in any game.
If they added these features they would have to add special effects to all the cosmetics and at that point, they’re no longer cosmetics, but actual gear.


This is definetely something which has to be avoided. However, in the described OP I don’t see it yet. At least under certain conditions like

  • Pig squeaking only after the boss is sighted or at least boss music has started
  • Blue Lightning/Flames purely aesthetical without any damage (or other effects like stagger) attached to them

As long as only the Saltzpyre can hear it, fine.

True, but his hat is not an Anvil of Doom, it would make no sense.

I’d say the point of cosmetics is to look fancy. I don’t want to feel forced to use a hat I don’t like simply because it makes my character stronger.

Then you didn’t read the last bit about Kerillian.

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Hmmm. Indeed, I didn’t. And now I am confused because I really can’t remember it being there before. But the post is unedited.

Well, yea. That is a no-go even if it “just” crowd control. Cosmetics should stay 100 % aesthetical and not influence gameplay.

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i really don’t feel like flashy over the top effects fit vermintides aesthetic very well, on top of pay to win being an awful path to go down.

The pig is silly enough as it is, without forcing it to be noisy and forcing comedy for everyone.


I second that. I really dislike pretty much everything about these ideas…

Altough I understand your ideas. It’s a bit too flashy for me. And I don’t like the game being too flashy. Already the blue glowing reds are a problem for me.

While I know this is an opinion and you certainly shouldn’t change it on my account, I’d also like to say that I’m a big fan of the glowing weapons. Kerillian’s spear and Kruber’s greatsword illusions are fantastic and I really, really love seeing a Bardin roll into my game with the red-illusion shields.

I don’t think everything needs something super flashy to amp it up to the next level, but I wouldn’t mind the anvil of doom helmet having a feint glow to it, the aspect of adanhu helmet having feint amber marks all throughout the wood, and the scour-sun helmet having a light hidden behind the sun but never visible nor too bright.

However, I do have a gripe about Memento Furioso being so damn bright. I would buy it if it were a damn-near black metal with those dark-red eyes, but it’s an orange-y metal with white-fire eyes. Missed opportunity, IMO.


Please, no to all of it. I don’t want to play in a world where I’m surrounded by pointless bling and walking advertisements for the in-game store (See: Guild Wars 2).

Some nice stuff that fits in with the rest of the art theme is fine. But there’s a limit.


It’s not like my blood pressure rises when I see a red. Sure they look cool, but normal weapons make the whole setting just more believable to me. I am a player that really tries to immerse himself into the game, trying to emphasize (is that a word? Verb for empathy) with characters. Look in the world and suck in every tidbit of story and especially backstory of our heroes.
I can’t really immerse myself in a setting were our 5 ‘humble’ heroes are wielding ancient runic artefacts. I think you get what I am saying.

I am also too greedy to spend red dust on weapons with normal skins, so there is that. :rofl:

But I don’t want that changed. People can of course have their shiny weapons.

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I said either of them not all per Visual. Why not having Blue Falmes on Drakki Weapons, would e cool! For the Price you pay ^^

Bardins Hat is called “Anvil of Doom”, so Ligtning makes sense ^^

Blue Flames would look super Good i think!

Kerry was just an idea, "could do damage a bit or none, aswell as Dryad!

NOBODY FROCES ANYONE TO BUY ANYTHING BTW itsd not a free to Play Game and all the DLC just got Free for everyone if im correct, yes?!

I’m fine with this so long as it doesn’t cross the boundary into pay-to-win territory. I think I bought a few of the hats already that they sold on steam as the drachenfels stuff was free and I wanted to show support for this business model they’re trying.


I can whole-heartedly support the view of wanting them accurate to lore/universe, but you do have to admit that the Uber-Doober 5 aren’t exactly… ‘humble’ heroes. They’re super-stars who didn’t get the recognition they deserve and the only reason they kicked off with scrappy gear is because their past put them in that situation (at least that’s my interpretation of it). I, personally, would be willing to believe that our heroes punched down the White-Rat and were promptly equipped/honored by their respective factions, hence all of the promotions.

Either way, we all have our own tastes :slight_smile: just wanted to be sure other views were mentioned!

I feel everything I described was pretty much in-line with the rest of what the Uber-Doober 5 have equipped. We have flaming swords, flashing blue arrows, and gold-gilded halberds/swords/shields. “I don’t want bling” and “stuff that fits in with the rest” seems to collide with what we already have, somewhat.

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We seem to have a misunderstanding of the scale involved here. Having a few more or less normal weapons with gilded carvings on them is not “bling.”

THIS is “bling”.

It’s completely ridiculous, stands out even compared to the games own fantasy environment (which is already far above reality), has no justification for it’s existence even in the fuzzy rules of it’s own world’s fantasy RPG lore, it’s so obnoxious that it actually takes away from the artwork around it, and only serves as eye candy to show off how much money you’ve spent on the in-game store.

FS, please don’t go that far.

Also, no gameplay affecting items like what OP suggested. At all. As much as I otherwise love it, I will drop this game like a uranium potato.

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The could call it “Bofors 40mm Anti Aircraft Cannon”, doesn’t mean it is one.

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Some fancy effects and/or animations might be a cool idea for future cosmetics, but at the current state I would prefer to see fitting armor sets first.
Fuplaayz mentioned things like a tickeling eye for the beastmen head attached to Huntsmans hat, I could agree with cosmetic animations on that scale, but if it affects gameplay on scale like totally new animations on a bigger scale or even mounts or some sh*t I’m definitly out, this is not WoW.